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  1. jscott

    Can Prime Actually Kill Bacteria?

    It will help your cycle, not hurt it. It will detoxify the ammonia, making it easier for the BB to digest, according to Seachem. Excel can kill bacteria in a cycling tank but Prime is only going to help.
  2. jscott

    18 Days Into Fishless Cycle.

    I did I fishless cycle using Ace ammonia, Stability, and Prime. Prime will help detoxify the ammonia to make it easier for the bb to consume. You will go through a phase where the nitrite spikes to bright purple, and that phase can last awhile too, but Prime and Stability will help. It sounds...
  3. jscott

    Is My Tank Overstocked?

    I would swap out most of those, it would be really nice for your schooling fish to have friends. For that size tank I recommend 8 neons, 8 rasboras, and 6 cory catfish. It's a beautiful combo with top, middle, and bottom swimmers.
  4. jscott

    Stella Got A Betta

    My DG passed away too, very unexpectedly, and I had named him also. I have been dosing an empty quarantine ever since, and am now really wanting a Betta. So I definitely need some info on food as well! Does anyone know how long to keep dried flakes and frozen bloodworms before throwing them...
  5. jscott

    Ammonia Up...again. (5 Months Without Cycle, I Feel Like Giving Up)

    I agree. I called Seachem and did what they said, used Prime and Stability, with water changes, and my tank finally cycled. But I was doing an fishless cycle, so it was less stressful. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. Is there any chance the tank is just overstocked??
  6. jscott

    Water Quality/changes Questions

    Wait, what about Stability involves bleach??
  7. jscott

    Number Of Cory Cats

    I have 3 panda cories, and they seem very happy in my planted 20 gallon long. I plan on getting at least 3 more when they're available at my LFS. They are SO adorable, and they stay small.
  8. jscott

    Super Bored Of My Aquarium ☹️

    You can keep your tank cycled using pure ammonia, like the Ace Hardware Janitorial Strength Formula with 10% ammonium hydroxide. Just google "ammonia calculator aquarium" and use one to know the amount to add. Your cycled tank should be able to process it no problem. The calculator is important...
  9. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    AC is on and It's a nice 77 in the house, but the water stays between 79-81, and the heater is not that high. Yeah, I'm thinking he's just an aggressive fish which is SO disappointing. I cycled my tank for two months and researched everything including compatibility and matching water...
  10. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    When I researched it, it said they like warmer temps, up to 81/82... What can be done about it when the house is hot because it's 86 outside?
  11. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    When I first put them in, he acted like they were food... It looked like he bit a couple of them and then calmed down over the next 24 hours (or maybe he didn't because I woke up to him pecking at a dead fish). With the new batch he keeps chasing them and trying to nip them, especially if they...
  12. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 5 PH around 7 Temp 81 due to summer time in GA Decor is very large piece of driftwood and 4 small plants but they have pretty good sized leaves. I acclimated by floating the bag and adding a very small amount of water every few minutes for 45min to an hour.
  13. jscott

    Urgent: Gourami Attacking New Cardinals!!

    Please help!!! I have a brand new cycled tank and I had a blue dwarf Gourami for a week before getting four cardinal tetras. They stayed very pale and 2 died within 48 hours. My tank is 20 gallon and the water is great. The gourami acted aggressive when I first put them in, but he had stopped...
  14. jscott

    Yet Another Cycling Thread (sorry)

    Not necessarily, because right now Im doing a fishless cycle, and the ammonia is 0, and I have nitrates, but nitrites are really high, so obviously I have to wait for those to come down. Also, I spoke with Seachem and they said Prime can help because it detoxifies the ammonia and nitrite which...
  15. jscott

    Nitrite Off The Charts! :(

    Ok, thank you, so I'll do another large water change today and do a small dose of ammonia. Will that eventually cause some of the ammonia eating bacteria to die?
  16. jscott

    Nitrite Off The Charts! :(

    I really need advice!! I'm a few weeks into a fishless cycle, dosing ammonia and using Stability. I was using Excel until Seachem told me to stop because it can kill bacteria. After doing that, my tank was FINALLY able to convert 1pmm ammonia in less than 24 hours, but now the problem is a major...
  17. jscott

    Cycling: Is This Normal?

    I did a 50% water change, because it appears there's no way to tell if the nitrite is 2ppm, 5ppm, or more due to the color strip, but I sensed it was way off the chart. It didn't seem to help at all! It was still pretty dark purple, so who knows how high it was to begin with. It is so confusing...
  18. jscott

    Cycling: Is This Normal?

    Well, after dosing ammonia yesterday, my ammonia went from 1.5 to 1.0 after a 25% WC, and then to 0.25 overnight, so that a huge improvement! The nitrite, however, is still off the charts, which is worrying me because on another forum people were saying high nitrite is toxic to bacteria... I...
  19. jscott

    Cycling: Is This Normal?

    Another quick question @AllieSten @ashenwelt : Since 6/14, my nitrites have increased from 0.2 to 5.0 (or more). My nitrates have also increased from 5ppm to about 30, so I'm assuming this is all good (because I don't have fish), right? Can nitrites spike super high and not stall the cycle...

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