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  1. Cranks_Tanks

    140w Dimmable Wattshine Chinese Led

    I'm looking to upgrade my reef lights on a budget. I know a lot of people have had great luck with Chinese black box LEDs, I was just wondering if anyone has used this specific one. I currently have the USA Current Orbit Marine. I love the light, but it's barely enough to grow softies in my...
  2. Cranks_Tanks

    Let's Talk About Mulm

    I know in a display tank, nobody wants to see algae, detritus, or mulm, which makes sense and I totally agree with that. However, I want to talk about breeding tanks. In my experience, the best breeding tank is almost always a bare bottom tank, sponge filters, a couple potted plants, and as...
  3. Cranks_Tanks

    Hello All!

    Just another generic introduction. Long time lurker blablabla. I just started a nano aquarium blog, not sure if i'm allowed to post about that here or not but i'll be glad to send you a link if you want. It's pretty bare now, but I figured joining a forum would help me stay up to date on topics...

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