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    Share Your Story On How You Started Out

    I been in the hobby for 3 years and I started out with 5 cherry barbs and 5 neons in a 10 gallon (Beginners mistake) ended unknowingly killling the neons after a few months from a mouth fungus outbreak caused by bad water quality bought them at PetSmart went back bought a 20 gallon and moved the...
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    Attempting To Breed My Cherry Barbs

    I have a 20 Gallon with 5 Cherry barbs and 5 Harlequin Rasboras. (The barbs i have had since i first had my tank a year ago). Becoming Familiar with Cherry barb behavior. i noticed that the Females were fatter than usual and the two males were chasing them around the tank and sometime i would...
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    Any Recommendations On How To Reduce Nitrate Levels

    I am brand new keeping anything another than a Betta and a couple of months ago I got a 10 Gallon with 5 neons and 5 Cherry barbs (Through research barbs are a more hardy fish and great beginner fish and I like Neons for the appearance and also a decent beginner fish). But my nitrates have been...

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