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  1. mikey079

    new Discus

    today we added a new disscus to the tank. well have pictures as soon as he/she settles in to the new home.
  2. mikey079

    my little guy

    heres a few shots of my little guy.
  3. mikey079

    my angels

    sorry for some of the poor pics but i gotta get a new camera
  4. mikey079

    My tank

    heres a quik video of my tank
  5. mikey079

    my Kio Angels and thier babies

  6. mikey079

    my 75 gallon

  7. mikey079

    new member here

    hey people, well anyway i've been in the hobby of fish keeping for about 10 years now (give or take). over the years i've keep everything from aggresive to community fish and also had a saltwater. but anyway i'll be posting pics and videos later on when i have the time this weekend for all...

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