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    veil angel fish

    i recently bought 2 little guys...they come little...but everytime i get them..they seem to die...dont anyone know anything about these types of angel fish? i know my water conditions are ideal for fish so dont worry about that... hope its not just bad luck
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    5 of my 6 bettas!

    here are 5 outta the 6 bettas of mine...the other one is at my girlfriends house...yet to be pictured the first one is Austin hes the biggest one...i saw him at the aquarium store..and fell for him...hes about 2 1/2 inches... the second guy is Money... his caudal fin looks like a quarter or...
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    How many, altogether fish do u have?

    i have to count...
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    Austrailian boesmani rainbowfish

    bough two pictures up soon
  5. B in love with bettas...

    i bought some mroe i have a grand total of 5 of them....i will get pictures up later...
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    new fish pics...bettas angels tetras

    here are some picture of my 3 bettas, two angels...and a couple of the other fish i have....and a pic of my new ottos...arm and some more.... and more....but thats it for tired...
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    amazon swords

    i have three of them in my aquarium...and i dont know anything about them...could someone help me out?
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    looks its a plant!

    ok few questions 1...what type of plant is guessing java fern this plant trying to root or something?
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    what kind of jobs can u get into that involve fish
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    my bettas

    hey chickadee here they are...oh and im buying my gf a 2.5 and a betta for her ill get my first betta a new home soon more pictures comin soon
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    45 degree swimmer....

    one of my serpea tetras swims at a 45 degree angle...what is up with that?
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    live fish food

    i have a bala shark, a rainbow shark and a red tailed shark...with some angels and some serpea tetras...i was just wondering what types of live food you would feed them...? ive feed them brine shrimp alge discs and flake food...
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    What would you rather have?

    im kinda bored and am just wondering who likes what... All answers apply to salt water, fresh water and brackish
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    to the person who runs the fishlore you need a picture of a crab for the profiles? oh yeah....its yours if you want it
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    whos fault?

    i went to the same petstore ive been goin to for my fish...i bought 4 little angel fish and they were doing fine in the tank...when i guy put them in the bag tho...there was hardly enough water in the bag for them...when we got home we put them in to let them adjust to the water or whatever they...
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    my 50 gallon plus all my fish

    here it is...
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    need advice and/or comments

    ok well i recently started a new aquarium from my girlfriend and i have to admit that little 10 gallon got me addicted...i then recently started asking around for tanks that people have and do not use i did this and found 2 tanks...another 10 gallon and a 50 gallon...all given to...

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