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  1. RandomZoid

    30g with Cichlid(s)?

    I think the Blue Acara by itself is a stretch in a 30 gallon. I wouldn't do it, they get too big and need room. I have kept Mbuna cichlids (Red Zebra, Johanni, Yellow Labs, Acei, OB Zebras ect.) in a 30 gallon. Max you could have is about 7 or 8, and this is very difficult to maintain...
  2. RandomZoid

    Questions About Selectively Breeding RCS

    Ok well I am going for some really bright red (not dark) so I already know which females and how I'm choosing. I just want to know if theres anything on males that indicate light color/dark color, healthy/weak ect.
  3. RandomZoid

    Questions About Selectively Breeding RCS

    So I have a good batch of RCS going in my heavily planted 10gallon tank. I want to try to selectively breed some of these shrimp cause even though the oldest shrimplets are only a week and a half it is very apparent that some of the females are much more red than others. I have a 30gallon...
  4. RandomZoid

    30 gallon tank stocking ideas involving Cichilids

    Don't put this big of a fish into such a small tank. It's not only cruel but they will die and probably cost some money. I'm assuming, melovefish, that most or all of these were re-homed by the time they got that big?
  5. RandomZoid

    30 gallon tank stocking ideas involving Cichilids

    Careful with the Tiger Barbs, I bought 6 beautiful Green Tiger Barbs (same species just color morph). They were nipping even at a young age and made it so none of my fish ever came out. They didn't kill anything but every fish hiding meant they were stressed and my tank looked empty. They nipped...
  6. RandomZoid

    30 gallon tank stocking ideas involving Cichilids

    Best bet with a 30 gallon is to get a Dwarf Cichlid. Any African will outgrow it. In my 29 I have 2 males apistogrammas but that's only possible because it's heavy planted. Otherwise a pair (1m 1f) would be best in a 30. Blue Rams, Gold Rams, Bolivian Rams, Apistos most Dwarf Cichlids would...
  7. RandomZoid

    Red Cherry Double Batch of Shrimplets + RCS With Excel/Ferts

    That's sweet. yea my 50% water change should be this monday. I really should cut that down. I've been nervous about it. I can probably get away with like 2 gallons every week. Thats 20% a week in a tank with lots of plants and only RCS/MTS. I'll actually do a water test, if my nitrates are 20 or...
  8. RandomZoid

    Red Cherry Double Batch of Shrimplets + RCS With Excel/Ferts

    I was reading through another thread about keeping RCS and Excel being an issue RCS problems!!. I wanted to chime in about this on my experience. I've had RCS for about 6 weeks in a 10 Gallon Tank. I started the tank with; seeded material, sand/gravel from other tank, 3 Longfin danios (since...
  9. RandomZoid

    10 gallon

    My old 10 gallon is full of Red Cherry shrimp and plants. If it's the type with 2 incandescent light bulb fixtures (normal home sockets) then you can buy 2 6500k CFL bulbs to fit it. I used 2 18watt bulbs and it caused lots of algae. Switched to 13 watt bulbs and plants look amazing, and the...
  10. RandomZoid

    suggestions and advice please

    I don't know about compatibility of those fish listened but I know the equipment you will need. 20gl tank - duh A light Glass lid (unless light is part of a full plastic hood) Filter (150-200gph, I recommend aquaclear 200 for a 20gl tank) 100w heater Marine Salt Gravel, Deco ect - duh A...
  11. RandomZoid

    Fluffy stuff on bottom of NEW tank HELP PLEASE.

    Not sure what that could be, probably a residue from the safestart. If you don't add your fish right away, then you need to be adding some type of ammonia source so the bacteria does not "starve". Flakes of food would work good for this, or some other fish you may have that is very hardy.
  12. RandomZoid

    65 gallon planted hex stocking?

    Up all schools of Barbs to 5 or more, the Tiger's could be an issue. I would have at least 9 of them, even then they may harass the other barbs and nip fins. Otherwise sounds like a great stocklist for a planted tank, post some pics.
  13. RandomZoid

    injured corydora

    Is it red or white? If it's red then it could be an infection. If it's white it may just still be healing. Does the wound look "healthy"?
  14. RandomZoid

    Stocking for 29 gallon riaprium (only 10 gallons of water)

    Have you seen Galaxy Rasboras AKA Celestial Pearl Danios? I'm waiting on some now for my 10 gallon heavy planted tank. They stay about an inch and look awesome when fully colored, imo.
  15. RandomZoid

    Funny I have a ghost and it hates fish....

    How long has it been? Sometimes after messing with the filter, like from when it was unplugged, the sponge will let out a lot of bits of grime and debris. This usually clears up within a day though. Has anything else changed about your tank in the last week? I'm wondering because if your still...
  16. RandomZoid

    my plans for a 33 Gallon Tank

    Haha I feel like this thread is just repeating itself at this point. You've gotten all the info we all have to offer. Just keep a keen eye and everything should be fine and if your fish still dies we will feel sorry for the fish and you. I personally don't see why you don't just keep the...
  17. RandomZoid

    Stocking for 29 gallon riaprium (only 10 gallons of water)

    Haha thinking alike before you saw my post? or just affirming my advice? A riparium is basically an aquarium where the top half is not filled with water so that plants can grow out of the water, sometimes it includes bugs or insects as well as fish. Here's a nice looking one I found in google...
  18. RandomZoid

    Does co2 help plants stay alive what does it do??

    Thanks for all the good info Jeta, it was a good read. I knew this to be true before but to what degree? I apologize if this is slightly off topic. Right now I have a 29gallon tank (30wx12dx18h) with 2 T8s 5000k/8000k (17W each) and 2 CFLS 6500k (23W each). So that's 80W total but my most...
  19. RandomZoid

    Funny I have a ghost and it hates fish....

    Wow, indeed some sort of bacteria boom. I would personally do 30% water changes twice a day til it stopped doing that.
  20. RandomZoid

    Stocking for 29 gallon riaprium (only 10 gallons of water)

    Some Pygmy Cories and some sort of small Shrimp would be awesome in a tank that low, and they would love it probably.

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