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  1. MelloYello

    My 29 Gallon Tank

    With dragonstone, some kind of wood, sand, gravel, and low light plants.
  2. MelloYello

    Help Advice For A Fish With No Eyes?

    I went to my local pet store and saw this girl who had no eyes, I instantly knew I had to take her home. I have had a blind betta before (scales grew over eyes) and I felt confident that I could take care of her. I had just emptied a 10 gallon earlier that day, so she is in a filtered, heated...
  3. MelloYello

    46bowfront Rescape! What Do You Think?

    I recently rescaped why 46 gallon bow front aquarium, and I want to know what y'all think! The stone is a bit of a mess because I used syiru stone from one 10 gallon and dragon from another in order to have enough rocks. ALSO! If you feel like helping me out, I am doing a survey for my...
  4. MelloYello

    Aggressive Female Dwarf Gourami

    My Female Dwarf Gourami (Chrisandra) has never shown aggression to another fish until recently when I decided to add my Pearl gourami male (Guinness) to the tank. The tank is a heavly planted 46 gallon. Chrisandra has been in the tank for a long time and is quite large. (2.5 inches maybe)...
  5. MelloYello

    Joeys Arowana

    Anyone else feel like seriously hurt because TheKingOfDIY's Arowana is hurt??? I dont know why but I actually feel as though that fish is one of my own fish as well. (Even though I dont even live in the same country as him) Well I do hope the fish gets better.
  6. MelloYello

    No Filtration For 4 Days!!!

    I just found out that my 46 gallon bow front had nothing working for 4 days. There was a power outage (only 2 minuets), and apparently my power strip took that as a reason to shut off power. I did not notice until just now.... I feel so bad. The tank smells awful but the perimeters are fine...
  7. MelloYello

    I Have Lost Control.

    My Uv sterilizer was supposed to arrive 2 days ago. I really enjoy the radioactive glow it casts on the floor.
  8. MelloYello

    Do You Eat Fish?

    I get asked this allot.
  9. MelloYello

    Selective Breeding Of Lesser Killifish

    So, I have seriously fancied the idea of starting my own strain since I got some lesser killifish. If you are intrigued in the idea as well continue reading. Around 2 months ago I purchased 25 wild caught lesser killifish off of aqua bid. When they arrived, they where all healthy and I actually...
  10. MelloYello

    Iso Fun Little - Small Fish

    Ive got a 46 gallon bow front planted aquarium. The tank has a sand substrate, high lighting, and is in a busy area (no shy fish). The tank is well established (around 2-3 years) Im looking for some fun fish (Non schooling) from 1cm - 1 maybe 2 inches that I can have 1-3 of each just to add...
  11. MelloYello

    Cloudy Green Algea Water

    Im really not in a good place to be spending more money on aquarium equipment... My UV sterilizer just broke and now the aquarium (In a room with so much natural light.. the only place I can fit a tank this big right now). The tank is so incredibly cloudy with algae (see picture). Now everyone...
  12. MelloYello

    Fish Similar To Ghost Knife Fish

    I absolutely love the way that black ghost knife fish move and look in the aquarium... However they are really large and I was wondering if anyone knows a fish that looks similarand stays just a bit smaller. I have a 46 gallon bow front that is planted. I would like to keep a schooling fish in...
  13. MelloYello

    Identify This Snail

    I just found this snail in my 46 gallon tank today... Pics of the snail I found. -The snail does not have a trap door and is smaller then the largest pest snail I have... I introduced the pest snails on purpose before I even had plants... the plants all had a through inspection and bleach dip...
  14. MelloYello

    What Would You Stock A 46 Gal With?

    If you had a planted 46 gallon bow front tropical fish tank, what would you stock it with? I have one of these and I am just interested to see what others would stock the tank with. I would also like to know what kind of maintenance fish/inverts/amphibians you would add as well.
  15. MelloYello

    Dwarf Puffer Not Eating

    I got my pet dwarf puffer 6 days ago and he has not ate a thing. I have tried everything in my ability to feed him. But Im getting worried now, he looks awful, hes lathargic, as well as un interested in anything. Here are all the things I have tried to feed him: LIVE: -Snails (The same size as...
  16. MelloYello

    Betta Heads Turning White

    I just got home from a 3 day trip to see my grandfathter to see that my 2 female bettas heads are turning white. I did a big water change 50% when I arrived (even though everything was fine 0 amonnia ,0 nitrite, 10 nitrate) and this morning when I checked their faces are still white. The water...
  17. MelloYello

    What Kind Of Lighting Is This?

    I was wondering what level of lighting I have in my tank right now. I have a 46 gallon bow front that is 20 inches deep. The lighting is: - finnex planted + - 20.8 Total wats - 30 inches long - (104) 7000k + (56) 660nm RED - TRUE 660nm intensive photosynthesis RED LEDs I don't know if my...
  18. MelloYello

    Centerpiece Fish For 46 Gallon

    Hey! Im sorry that this is my second stocking question this week. I have a 46 gallon aquarium that is cycled as well as having a quarantine for any future fish I buy. The dimensions 36in long x 20in tall x 20in deep The tank is densely planted Im looking for a centerpiece fish for this tank...
  19. MelloYello

    46 Gallon Stocking Help

    I have got a pretty good idea of what Im going to stock my tank with, however it never hurts to ask the intelligent people of FishLore. The tank is a 46 gallon bow front, 36 inches across and 20 inches deep. The tank has a Canister filter rated at 400 GPH for biological and mechanical I have a...
  20. MelloYello

    I Need Help Picking Lighting

    I have a 46-gallon bow front aquarium, and I need to have some better lighting on it for plants. I have really made awful decisions in the past despite doing meticulous research on what lights I buy. I would REALLY Like to be able to grow a carpet in this aquarium but I need lighting that is...

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