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  1. CJRIO125

    Cories Unhappy/am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Hi all, Appreciate this is a well talked about topic but I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something obvious. I have 6 false julii Corys in a Juwel 180 with 10 red phantom tetras, 8 lemon tetras and 1 Otto. I literally never see the cories. They all hide under a piece of bog wood...
  2. CJRIO125

    Fish Swimming On Tilt

    Hello all, Just hoping for a quick insight into why a fair few of my fish swim almost on a diagonal. So rather than on a vertical they are almost swimming more on their side. They don't have clamped fins, swim normally and are perfectly happy otherwise. Just can't help but feel this...
  3. CJRIO125

    Is This Fin Rot?

    Hi all. So here I am setting up a new second 180l tank as safe to safe this hobby has got me, when I see in my existing tank some of neons have little white bits on the tips of their tail fins. (I'll attach some pics). Is this fin rot? This could be gutting on two fronts, not only because I...
  4. CJRIO125

    Sand. Colour/grain Size What Is Really Important

    Hi all, Sorry for posting again so soon but I have read and read so many articles in preparation for my second tank. In which I have decided to try sand. This is because i want to get some corydora along with other things and want to make it barbell safe. My question is ultimately what is most...
  5. CJRIO125

    95 Litre Tank - Pandas, Guppies And Rummynose?

    Hi all, I am looking to start a second tank going. It is around 95Litres. I was wondering if the following stocking would be ok please? 6 rummy nose 4 or 5 Panda cories 5 guppies Any other stocking suggestions for this tank are also welcome. I do already have minnows, neons and a ram in my...
  6. CJRIO125

    Fish Ok Or Is Something Wrong?

    Hi all, Hope this doesn't seem silly but I am wondering if my fish aren't happy or if I'm just overthinking something normal. I got minnows, neons and a ram in my rio 125l. Tank been running 2 years and water parameters are sound. The issue is that my fish only seem to hang in the end if the...
  7. CJRIO125

    Ideas For New Fish

    Hi all, Just opening up to you all for thoughts on what I could add to my Rio 125l. Currently have: 9 WCMM 5 Neon Tetras 1 ram (Bolivian I think) 3 Ammano shrimp and 1 snail I was thinking of maybe: Getting the neons up to 9 and adding another bigger fish like another ram Or Just adding 5...
  8. CJRIO125

    Room For 1 More?

    Hi all, Just a quick one please. I am just wondering if I have room for another Bolivian ram in my tank or if it is a bad idea? If I can is it best to get same gender? I currently have the following: 125l juwel Rio 9 minnows 7 neons 1 Bolivian ram 3 ammanos 1 nerite snail. Any thoughts...
  9. CJRIO125

    Bubble On Tetra

    Hi everyone. Help needed. Does anyone know what the bubble is that has randomly appeared on my tetra please? Pics attached.
  10. CJRIO125

    Anymore Fish? Rio125

    Hi all. I currently have the following in my 125L tank: 9 minnows 5 neon tetra 2 nerite snails 3 ammano shrimp 1 ghost shrimp. I was wondering whether it would be Ok to add a Dwarf Gourami (or another centerpiece fish - suggestions welcome) and two more neon's? Or just one or the other...
  11. CJRIO125

    Rio 125l Tank - Max Capacity?

    Hi all, I currently have 9 minnows, 5 neon tetras and a mixture of 9 Shrimp in my Rio 125 tank. Everyone seems happy enough. I was just wondering whether it would be feasible to add 4 more Neons to the tank, so I have 2 equal shoals? Or will this be pushing the tanks capacity? Based on an...
  12. CJRIO125

    Minnows Attacking New Neons

    Hi everyone, Looking for some help/advice please. I have an 7 month old tank. Working well with 9 minnows and some shrimp. We have just added some neon tetras into the tank...and the 3 of the wcmm are attacking the neons. Why is this happening they are usually peaceful. Also when I...
  13. CJRIO125

    Red Honey Gourami Safe Than Guppy With Shrimp?

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well. Just a quick on please. I currently have 9 minnows living happily with 2 Amano Shrimp and 6 Red Cherry Shrimp in RIO125L tank. We would love some more fish, but are keen not to put anything in that is likely to eat the shrimp. Please can anyone provide any...
  14. CJRIO125

    12 Weeks No Nitrite Or Nitrate

    Hi all, New here, so apologies if I am asking a question already asked. I have a Rio 125. Let it run for a week before adding 4 minnows. It has been 2 weeks now and have minimal ammonia o.25 tops, no nitrite and no nitrate. I have been using bacterlife by water life as it came recommended. I am...

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