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    All My Fish Died - Not Sure Why

    Just for future reference some medications I have personally used for all your issues has been fritz malachite green for the white fuzz, hikari ich x for ich, and api general cure for the white stringy poo. I almost always use general cure when buying a new fish just to prevent the parasites...
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    Help Aggressive Bristlenose?

    If you reshuffled the whole scape it may throw everyone off so he would establish a territory and the cories would find theirs
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    Help Aggressive Bristlenose?

    My sister had a bristle nose that got aggressive and killed all her cories. Just be very careful and watch for aggression.
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    What Else Should I Add

    You should add some plants. The decaying plants should be good for bio films and I would add a fair bit more wood. Tannins help to calm fish and keep ph lower where plecos like it. Bio films and algae is what the baby bristle nose should feed on at first.
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    Cool Pest Snails

    Sounds like pond or bladder snails. Some will have a leapard ish pattern when young with clear shells but eventually they get all grey
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    Question Is Deworming Pea Puffers Necessary?

    For my pea puffers and Amazon puffers I use hikari ich x for ich, I use api general cure for internals and I use api fungal for fungal. These are meds I have used and have had success with just for future reference
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    What Other Fish Should I Get?

    You could also do either of the 2 pygmy cories in a larger quantity. I personally prefer the pygmy cories
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    What Are These Worms

    Get a fish. Sparkling guirami love to eat planaria and hydras in my experience. Anything worm like that wiggles a sparkling guirami will eat. Also shouldn't mess with adult shrimp.
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    Neat Little Fish

    Catfish in pic 2 is a gulper cat if I'm not mistaken. The multiple catfish in the third pic are some sort of wood cat not sure which and the loach in that pic is a berdmores loach from what I can tell.
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    Question Damselfly Or Dragonfly? I Can't Tell!

    Idk what these are but that is wild. Is it an indoor aquarium? I am just curious how they got in there. What size tank is it as well? If its large enough and it is worrying you maybe buy some kind of fish that would snack on a little larvae.
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    Question Crashed Cycle?

    Get some seachem prime and doese a recommended dose. Continue to waterchange every day for a week and then test it at the end of a week. You may have started the cycle when u actually added the fish adding some nutrients to the water. Not sure though. Just keep a close eye on everything. Most...
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    Cool Pest Snails

    Yeah. Probably a pond/bladder snail. Ramshorns and pond snails are super common to have ride in on plants. That's how I got most of mine. I do have Amazon puffers so I ask stores to give me any pest snails they have and dont want whenever I go.
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    Help Dizzy Acara

    I have heard you can get it at most health and wellness type shops. Ik m sure whole foods or a similar store would have it.
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    Cool Pest Snails

    That's a ramshorn snail. They breed relatively slow for what people consider pest snails and help a lot with cleaning up dead plant matter and left over food. I keep them in any tank I can. What fish are you putting in this tank?
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    Help Dizzy Acara

    If you get some clove oil and put some clove oil in water and just let him sit in there for a few hours. People use it to anestazise pufferfish to trim their teeth but you can use it to euthanize. They nock out and then just stop being able to breath
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    29 Gallon Tank Fish Recommendations?

    I keep kuhlis with assorted other catfish. I have petricpla bumblebee and upside downs. As long as you provide ample cover for all your fish they will be fine. Just be sure to provide enough food although the cories and kuhlis get pretty boisterous and will come running for food. As for a mid...
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    Cool Pest Snails

    Can you post a up close picture? I'm intrested to see what type of snail it is.
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    Help Dizzy Acara

    I've never owned acara but I have had fish do this type of thing before. I was in the same situation as you where I tried everything and just couldn't figure it out. Looks like hes pretty skinny. If no one can offer you an answer you may want to euthanize it to avoid it suffering because at this...
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    Nitrogen Cycle Parameters Randomly Dropping To Zero

    I didnt mean any offense, I was just saying what I do to cycle. I cannot explain why the ammonia and other tests would go to 0 though. Only thing I could think of is maybe the test for ammonia and nitrite is not working and that your nitrates haven't started increasing yet. I have had faulty...
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    Question Is Deworming Pea Puffers Necessary?

    I've used api general cure for my Amazon and pea puffers. Works great and is super simple to use. I was double dosing my Amazon puffers because they were bad with parasites. I never saw signs of stress except for the first day when they were in the new tank. But yes you should for sure treat...

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