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    Betta Care

    So the other day i was at petsmart and i saw all those bettas sitting in the little bowls and it made me want to get one. So i just had a few questions on how to care for them and everything else. - what size tank should i get for one. -do bettas need heaters - what is a very good food to...
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    lighting question

    This may sound crazy but i was wondering since i dont have a high wattage for my 20 gallon tank. I thought, if i could buy a desk lamp and put a light for a fish tank in it (one that you can buy from a pet shop) and use that as some extra wattage for my fish tank. would my plants grow better and...
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    Java Moss

    I wanted to get some java moss for my 20 gallon tank but i was unsure on a couple of things and had a few questions about the plant. - What are the light requirments and how many watts per gallon would be ideal for this plant. - Do i need to add any fertalizers to the water or do i need to...
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    Swordtail and platy

    I was wondering, my female sword is starting to look kinda lonely since her bf died of ick. i wanted to know if i could get a platy instead of a swordtail (the swordtail would overstock my tank ) i would get a platy and maybe get a hybrid when they have babies. Would that be okay for them as a pair?
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    sand for substrate

    I was thinking about getting pool filter sand for my new fish tank. I herd somewhere that you have to sift it around, what does that mean? Also i was wondering if i could sift it by hand or do i have to get mylasian trumpet snails to sift it for me.x :;hurryb forgot to add: how...
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    plastic bin tank

    i was wondering if its possible, i would but a big plastic see through storage bin and make a homemade fish tank. i needed to know: would and underwater heater melt the plastic. could i hang a filter on the back. and if there would be any problem with having that as an aquarium.x:;hurryb
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    senegal bichir

    i was wonder, what should i feed my senegal bichir and how often.
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    stocking a bichir

    i was wondering what is the minimum tank size for a full grown senegal bichir and the bichir would still have room to move around. Also i wont be putting any other fish in the tank with the bichir ( he will be living alone )
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    crayfish + medications.

    I was thinking about getting a crayfish for my new 20 gallon fish tank (just got it the other day). I wanted to know if fish medications , or any fish chemicals are toxin to them and if i put it in with the crayfish it would kill it. i dont want to kill crayfish because i think they are really cool.
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    Sparkling Gourami

    i have some questions on sparkling gouramis because i was gonna get some for my new 20 gallon aquarium once i have finished cycling it. 1. how many should i get? 2. what are their water peremiters? 3. fo they need any suppliment or special food. 4. are they aggressive or are thay...
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    Tetra Species

    I was wondering what are your favorite species of tetras that are hardy and really cool to watch. i have an Aquarium Adventures near me and that is where i go to shop for stuff. So if you have cool, hardy species of tetras just let me know. x in advance
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    java fern questions

    i was wondering, if i got a java fern and first rubberbanded it to a flower pot in my tank. would it attach to the flowerpot like it does with driftwood.
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    20 gallon tank ideas

    im just starting out and thinking of fish for my 20 gallon aquarium i was also thinking of getting live plants, any ideas on which ones are good to get and easy to take care of nitrite-0 nitrate-10 amonia-0 ph-7.4 temp-80 hardness- inbetween hard and soft
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    Need plants for hiding fry in

    I was wondering what are good live plants for swordtail fry to hide in until i can bring them to the breeding tank?
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    DIY sponge filter

    I set up a 2 gallon breeding tank for my swordtails when i noticed one was pregnant. I cant find small filter and i heard you can build a sponge filter by yourself. so if you know how i just need to know. x :;hurryb

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