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    What Is Wrong With My Odessa Barb

    Recently bought 8 Odessa barbs after fishless cycling my tank, and during a water change (thought ammonia was .25, but wasn't sure) I noticed one of my Odessas on its back, it has since switched onto its belly but is now just sitting at the bottom of the tank, not moving when I put my hand near...
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    Nutrient Deficiency?

    I am assuming its because they are new, As most of their leaves (my Amazon sword especially) are thinning/ turning translucent, but I wasnt worried until my trident java fern leaf veins started turning brown. Or are they showing signs of nutrient deficiency, (my first thought was phosphates or...
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    Water Changes After Cycling

    Now that I am cycled up to 2-3ppm ammonia I plan on doing multiple water changes and test in between them to get nitrates below 20 (I'm up to 80+). But, my issue is that Prime detoxifies nitrates for up to 48hrs, meaning I would get false readings, correct? So is there something different I...
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    Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon

    I saw a Innovative Marine 25 gallon lagoon AIO tank at a LFS, is this a good tank for a SW beginner? Its either this tank or the Mr. Aqua 12g rimless. What would the buy list look like for either tank? I think I would at least need Live/dry rock Sw test kit, probably nitrates, nitrites...
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    High To Medium Light For 22" Tank

    I am currently using 2 36" flourescent fixtures (2 bulbs each) and 1 20" archaea light (not permanant, just using it to light my sword a little better) on my 125 gallon tank, and it probably classifies as low light at substrate depth. So I was wondering what is a light that will acheive...
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    What Plant Is This?

    What species of plant is this? I only have a small clump as almost half of it melted, if you have any ideas as to why it melted I would like to know. *Edit: sorry the picture flipped
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    Questions About Ferts

    Ok, so I found a place I can get ADA green brighty (great name eh?) For pretty cheap and was wondering what nutrients steps 1-3 contain, and if ada ferts are any good. My next question is: I have to dose ferts in the morning (6:00AM) as I don't get home until 4, sometimes later, and I would...
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    Wild Type?

    1. Is this a betta (if no, ignore #2) 2. Is this a wild type betta? It was about 4 inches long (being generous here.) I saw it at a lfs today and was curious. *Edit: sorry the picture flipped, took it at the wrong orientation.
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    Thoughts On Aquavitro Tools And Substrate?

    I keep seeing aqavitro tools and buckets of substrate, they are pretty cheap, just wondering if they are good quality.
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    Live Food & Parasites

    Should I be concerned about parasites When feeding live foods taken from random bodies of water such as daphnia, mosquito larvae, earthworms, etc? I'd also like to start a bloodworm or blackworm culture if anybody knows anything about that.
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    I'm Cycling?

    first here is a little bit of a backstory... I recently filled up my 125 gallon tank, after assembling my filters I found some fungus on my driftwood, the kind of fungus you only find after/when your tank is cycled (pic attached)... There are no fish in the tank, There are no plants in the...
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    Preventative Medication Of Qt Tanks: Debate

    So I have found a lot of conflicting info on this subject, and thought it might be a good topic to formally debate. So, should you, or should you not, medicate fish in QT to prevent disease (sorry if I didn't word that correctly)
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    Crayfish Id Please

    So today while looking around petco (needed a adjustable 50w heater and a net) I found this little bugger in the GloFish tank. Can anybody ID it for me? I was VERY surprised to see him at petco as almost all crayfish species are illegal in my state. He was listed as a "Tangerine Lobster"...
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    Hardscape Halp

    Well, so I finally got a good amount of materials for my hardscape and would like some opinions on my first attempt The lighting stinks, I know I am almost thinking it would look better if I got another piece similar in size and shape the the long piece of wood and put it on the other side...
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    Rock Hunting

    Sooooo since I couldn't find any rocks big enough at my LFS (and the ones they had weren't the right shape) I decided to go hunting in a creek near my house. I think I got a pretty good amount. Size comparison next to a 250ml bottle of prime. Still haven't acid tested them yet. What is good way...
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    Aquascaping Tools

    Any recommendations on aquascaping tools? I really only need curved scissors, straight tweezers, and a gravel rake. Any recommendations on tools? I would prefer not to buy a full kit, and just buy good quality individual tools. I HAVE looked at non-aquascaping tweezers, but none of them really...
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    Is There Any Difference?

    I have been looking for a powerhead to assist with dead zones and just increase the flow, which brings me to my question. Is there any difference between powerheads made for freshwater and the powerheads made for marine besides the gph? I know with some marine powerheads you can put them on...
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    Sponge Filter

    I am looking for a small sponge filter for my spec V, I am more looking for one for the biofilm it develops so the shrimp that will (eventually) go in there will have another food source (besides the stuff on the plants) and you can never have too much BB What is the SMALLEST sponge filter you...
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    Can you plant hornwort without it shedding all of its needles? Are there any alternatives that have the same general appearance that will grow roots?
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    Water Softener

    If this is the wrong thread for this please move it. I currently have a water softener and it uses salt to soften, Will this cause problems later? I am not sure if it filters it out or just leaves it in the water, any way to measure this?

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