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  1. Bellaona

    My substrate is turning white all over?

    I dont even know what to do, its all white and now the water js turning milky. Numbers are fine for aquarium.
  2. Bellaona

    Any Tips For A New Shrimp Keeper!?

    Okay i must admit, ive had ghost shrimp for awhile, and i feel in love. They are so funny! My ghost shrimp have always had a good survival rate with a few babies even but i want to expand. I did a ton of research and got a tank for specifically them and i want to expand to cherry shrimp and blue...
  3. Bellaona

    Help! Baby Fry Dropping Like Flys

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 3.5 gallon How long has the tank been running? 3 months Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 80 degrees What is the entire stocking of this tank? 15ish (now) 2 week old baby molly fry Maintenance How...
  4. Bellaona

    How Long Do I Need To Have A Sock On My Filter In My Molly Baby Tank

    They are two weeks old and strong swimmers. More worried about dumbness xD but it stops the filter from cleaning super well.
  5. Bellaona

    Weird New Upturned Scales, Need Help Iding In Guppy

    So i just noticed today and i want to know if hes sick or just hurting himself, hes in a tank with other fish they all act fine so far and no behavioral changes. Hes the one with the all red tail.
  6. Bellaona

    Fish Has Poop Coming Out And Something White Bellow It?

    So she had babies awhile back, but recently i noticed a white dot kinda coming out of her second hole, and poop coming out of the other (like normal). Is something stuck? Should i try to knock it out? Its barely visable in this pic but yeah. She gave birth around a week ago then developed this...
  7. Bellaona

    Fry Birth Defect. Help!

    So my baby sometime swims kinda fine, but mainly worms around tank by the glass. And uses his tail alot but doesnt seem to swim at all. I really dont wanna give up on him. Help. Update: i pulled him out of the baby tank to fast for a day, but hes literally in 1 cup of water (he doesnt swim much...
  8. Bellaona

    Colors Or Stress Lines?

    Hes had these for awhile but they developed about a month ago, hes about 4 months old. Are they stress lines or color?
  9. Bellaona

    Baby Fry Flopping Around On Tank Floor

    I recently had 25 ish baby black molly fry. All surviving their first 2 days well. Now one is flopping on the ground like hes not even in water. Any ideas whats wrong? I don't want to give up on him.
  10. Bellaona

    New Suprise Black Molly Babies

    New black molly babies. Must of gotten her while pregnant but now i have at least 22 new babies. Any quick tips on care?
  11. Bellaona

    My Extremly Pregnant Guppy Just Died Is Their Any Way To Save The Babies?

    She died overnight and has been showing contractions for at least a week anyone have any ideas?
  12. Bellaona

    Is My Guppy Pregnant?

    So shes been seemingly having contractions for a week now, not sure though if that or sick.

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