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  1. Manytanks

    Vieja Maculicauda With Vieja Melanura

    Hey all im thinking of crossing Vieja maculicauda (male) with Vieja melanura. I have read that it has been done but before i do it id like to find out what the end result is called and what it looks like. I dont want to do it if the end result is ugly fish that no one wants. Any help would be...
  2. Manytanks

    Boiled Water For Water Changes

    Can i use boiling water mixed with regular tap water and water conditioner when doing water changes as one of the places i do tank cleaning at has no hot water and their tap water averages about 5°c and accidentally killed a few of the customers fish due to temperature shock (im used to big...
  3. Manytanks

    Unknown Critter

    Can anyone id this little critter he came in on a piece of live rock. T.I.A
  4. Manytanks

    Cichlid Id Help Please

    Can anyone positively id these cichlids please
  5. Manytanks

    New Adoption

    Picked this guy up from work a few days ago cos he was stuck in a 2ft tank. Hes currently in a 3ft tank while i wait for my new 6x18 to arrive but has stopped eating. As far as im aware he hasnt eaten for about 36 hours. **** get the food in his mouth then spit it out again. None of the platies...
  6. Manytanks

    Wait Times After Mixing Salt Water

    Hey all just started my first marine tank (outside of work) and im just curious on how long you wait to test salinity after mixing salt with water? I tried google but got too many conflicting answers. Some say to test as soon as its dissolved where others say hours and others say days. Does it...
  7. Manytanks

    Seachem Stability And High Ammonia

    Hey all im setting up a tank for my blood red parrot cichlids and have been using seachem stability to help the cycle. Ive been using it for 6 days now and testing the water daily and have been getting higher and higher ammonia readings with 0 nitrites and nitrates. The tank also has 3 cycled...
  8. Manytanks

    Breeding Red Parrot Fish Advice

    Hey all one of my red parrots has laid eggs but theyre being attacked by the other fish in the tank. Im going to be moving both red parrots and the egg rock into a 4ft with no other fish but want to know if the female needs to care for the eggs or if i can divide the tank to stop her eating the...
  9. Manytanks

    Potted Plants For 20 Gallon Tank - Just After Opinions

    Decided to put together a 20 gal for my threadfins as they need a bigger tank. Ill be getting some small potted plants in 5 days to go in there but dont know what to get. Im kind of liking the minimalist look and want to keep the plants in the pots and they need to be easy to care for. Pics are...
  10. Manytanks

    Id These Rams Please

    Can someone id these rams please
  11. Manytanks

    Unknown Plant

    Can someone please tell me what this plant is
  12. Manytanks

    Air Pump Hose Lengths

    Hey all im setting up a breeding rack and will be running 9x sponge filters and 3x air stones off a large pump with a 14 outlet manifold on top of the rack. The question i have is do i need to have all the hoses the same length to get even air flow to all the filters or doesnt it matter?
  13. Manytanks

    Mysterious Water Loss

    Hey i had a tank lose about 60% of its water a few days ago overnight. Its an 8 litre tank and around the base of it was wet but only just and there was no other water to be found anywhere. It happened after a water change and i know for certain that i filled the tank up afteri cleaned it. I...
  14. Manytanks

    Bristlenose I Think???

    Can anyone id this please i think its a type of bristlenose but not sure and the people at the shop had no idea. Ill try and get more pics when i get home
  15. Manytanks

    Please Help Possibly Sick Betta

    Hey all need some advice. Have a male betta that looks swollen on the back half of his body (or skinnier in the middle). He also is stuck at the top of the tank and cant swim down. Sorry for the bad pic but its the best i could get.
  16. Manytanks

    Need Help Growing Algae

    Hey all I need some help growing algae in my 4ft tank. It has 2 flying foxes, a large bristlenose and a mystery snail eating the algae and it just can't keep up. I've tried leaving the lights on longer and overfeeding but is there any other ways to get the algae to grow. I've been trying to feed...
  17. Manytanks

    Super Glue In Aquarium

    Can anyone confirm that its the cyanoacrylate super glue that's safe for aquarium use please
  18. Manytanks

    Baby Red Cherry Shrimp

    Just found a baby red cherry in my tank and was wondering if I need to give it any special care. I already removed the bigger filter and left the sponge filter in and also removed the white cloud and molly that were growing in there
  19. Manytanks

    Snail Id Help Please

    can anyone please positively id this snail please? I have asked my usual sources and have got a couple of different answers. p.s. you will need to look past the algae
  20. Manytanks

    New Here And Recently New To The Addiction

    Hey all just joined and thought I'd say hello. I'm recently new to the hobby/addiction (7 months and around 30 tanks shared with my mum). I'm learning as I'm going and slowly progressing and getting more involved with the support of my LFS and my mum and have found it is a great help for mental...

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