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    Pygmy Sunfish Causing More Tanks!!

    So I have these pygmy sunfish, and they are just too cute. The only problem with them is that they only eat live food. I've been feeding bbs and grindal worms. These fish do not hunt, the flippin worms will fall right in front of them and no reaction lol. I figure I either have some anorexic...
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    Freaking Here, I Think I Found A Fluke!

    Last week I emptied a tank that had held assorted fish, nuisance snails brought by plants, and plants. I put the fish in another tank, and the plants into another tank and probably some of the pests too. I emptied the gravel into a stainless steel pot and set it on the table for it to dry some...
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    Bacteria Bloom And Bioload

    Would reducing the bioload in a tank lead to a bacterial bloom? I have a 4 month old 10g. It had housed two swordtails, two salt and pepper corys and a shrimp or two. The swords and the salt and peppers moved out to the 30g last week, I added 15 shrimp and two mystery snails (juvies). Now I have...
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    Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma Okefenokee

    Has anyone ever kept these? I think they would be grand for a 10g nano. I've read conflicting info on pH, kH. Some use RO water but others use regular aged tap with dechlorinator. Any experiences with them?
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    Birthing Tank?

    Yayyyy, the 30g is up and running. Parameters perfect. Running at about 74 degrees. Gravel and lave rock substrate, don't have the black lake of sand in yet. Castles are in but not happy with the look, will change it when I find the right big lava rock. Aquaclear 50 filter, aqueon pro heater...
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    Aquatic Arts - Great Vendor!

    Just received another order from Aquatic Arts. Great as usual. 15 out of 15 sakura shrimp arrived live and 4 out of 3 ordered mystery snails!! Just love that place.
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    Trade Low Ph For High Ph Testing Bottles

    I just have to ask, as I was doing my testing I realized that the low pH test is forever going to be totally useless to me. I live in the mammoth cave area and my water is HARD lol. Anybody wanna trade me a bottle of high pH for a bottle of low pH? I've just done two tests with it, gave up hopes...
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    Starting A Rcs Tank

    Aquatic Arts has a sale going on of a breeder pack of RCS, well the sukura fire reds. I have a couple of shrimps in a tank but want more, lots more lol. And those little bits are 4$ each around here so I am going to buy 15 breeders for 29$. I have a 10g to set up for them, have sponge filters...
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    How Can Light Be Confusing?

    The more I read the more confused I get. Here is the situation: I currently have a 36"x16x12 30g, but after christmas I will be getting a standard 75. I will be planting the 75 and know I need a good light for low to medium light plants. So, I'm going to get one sized for the 75, which will be...
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    Aqueon Or Aquaclear?

    Woot, woot!! finally have the 30g up and running, still working on the aquascape but it only requires planting and we all know how that goes. The problem is that the filter on there came with the used tank and it is noisy. Both mechanical noise and water noise are just too much for my sleeping...
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    First Full Api Test Results And What They Mean.

    I finally got my test kit and these numbers are concerning I think. gh is 8 drops kh is 6 drops ph is 8.4 Ammonia is 2ppm Nitrites is 0 Nitrates is 0. Test was conducted on tap water, no conditioner, 24 hour gas off. Does this mean I need to lower the ph with something like peat? What is the...
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    Soil Substrate Vs. Gravel For 30g Medium Tech Tank.

    OK, I've got the 30g ready to start. It will be a castle on a stone cliffside, with a lake made of black sand, a sloping lawn of dwarf sag and a "forested" area with taller thicker plants. It will be on a bar, I can have lots of lights, room for a DIY co2 set up and will have a sump filter...
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    Killies With Swordtails And Dwarf Gourami?

    I decided I didn't like a fish that I had picked out for the 30g tank I am working on. So I went looking. And found Killifish!! So pretty! Tank is 30g 36x12x16 will be planted. Will have 1 or 2 Flame Dwarf Gouramis, 4-8 Swordtails and 8-10 salt and pepper pygmy corys. So, are some of the...
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    New Castle For King Henry The 8th

    I couldn't see the murderous crown tail on black gravel, so I bought him red (matches my kitchen where he lives) and a new bigger castle. Grouped and weighted the hornwort to hide the equipment and the back wall. Facebook by minervalong posted Jul 19, 2017 at 10:42 PM ok, so gonna have to have...
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    Filter Sump Increase Acceptable Stocking Levels?

    Hey all, Since I am aquascaping my 30g I was looking for a way to hide equipment and came across the idea of a filtering sump. I think I am going for a 10g, linking it to my 30g. Then I can put the filters (and oh how much filtering I can get into a 10g and heater in it, water into sump...
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    Freshwater Sump

    Hey all, I have a 30g (36x12x16) freshwater that I am going to aquascape, I have been trying to figure out a way to hide all of the equipment so as not to ruin the effect. It occurred to me that with the $ a gallon sale coming up, I could get a spare tank and link the two so that the small...
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    What Worms To Culture?

    Hey all, High value fish food is one of my routes to happy healthy fish. The ones I know I am going to have, or currently have are: Dwarf flame gourami Solar Flare Swordtail C. habrosus (salt and pepper) Dwarf neon rainbow Betta (males only right now, might take another stab at breeding them)...
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    Stocking A 30g

    I'm one of those noobs who's vision is a "fully" stocked tank. I don't want to watch water move, but fish lol. I used aquadvisor and got the following list for my 30g: 1 dwarf flame gourami 4 Solar Flare Swordtail 6 Dwarf Turquoise Rainbow 4 Pygmy Salt and pepper Cory 1 Red Tail Shark I think I...
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    Internal Filter For 30g

    Hi all, Totally new here, have read and read and read lol. I am setting up a new to me 30g, 36 x 12 x 16, after I get the limescale off lol. It will be in my living room so I want an internal filter. Hubs would go ballistic in case of an overflow so I want to minimize that chance. What...

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