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  1. mearatiara

    Can I Add On To A Stand?

    Hi so about a month ago I purchased a 150g tall. I built a stand for it and did a water leak test after I resealed it. On the 7th day, it leaked! So I sold it and planned on getting another 150. I found a cheap oceanic 210 and had to have it. Can I just add on to the previous stand? It's super...
  2. mearatiara

    Fish That WON'T Eat Baby Mystery Snails

    Hi, I have a 20g tank where I am hatching a few clusters of mystery snail eggs. I have one clutch that just hatched. Are there any fish that won't eat the baby snails? I'm sure a pleco wouldn't, but they poop too much and usually are too big for a 20g. Any ideas??
  3. mearatiara

    Stocking Hex Tank?

    I have a 60 gallon hexagon aquarium that is 36" tall, diameter of 24", and each side is 12" long. I have a blue ram(I think it's a male), 2 gourami's(M&F), 3 male platies, and 3 mystery snails. I know I need 3 more platies to complete my school. I'm thinking more males, so I don't have any...
  4. mearatiara

    Immediately cycling a new aquarium..?

    I have a 60 gallon newly cycled tank and want to add fish to my old 20 gallon tank. I think i remembering reading somewhere online that it's possible to cycle a new aquarium with part of an established aquarium's filter? If so, how is this done? I don't remember all the details of what was read
  5. mearatiara

    Tall aquarium

    Is two 6500k bulbs good enough for growing plants when my hex tank is 31" tall. Not sure if the lumens are strong tough to reach throughout the whole tank. If not, what do you recommend?
  6. mearatiara

    Bulb length question?

    I bought some 6500k bulbs yesterday to replace my 4100k bulbs. So I measured my previous bulbs that I had, and I got 17 3/4". I went ahead and bought the 18" because I assumed bulbs didn't come in quarter sizes. Well now I'm second guessing myself. Do you think 18" will be too big?
  7. mearatiara

    what is the difference between water conditioner and dechlorinator?

    So this might be a stupid question (I'm sure it is), but what is the difference between water conditioner and dechlorinator? I could have sworn I've read that conditioner takes out the chlorine? Correct me if I'm wrong..
  8. mearatiara

    Fish to Stock with Gourami?

    Hi, I will be stocking my aquarium in a few weeks and I'm trying to get a head start on picking fish. I love dwarf Gourami's, but don't know what other fish to stock with them. I also love blue rams, but read you can't put them with Gourami's. What other fish do you recommend for a 60 gallons...
  9. mearatiara

    Cycling with plants and fish?

    So I've been doing tons of research about cycling with fish and plants vs none. What do you recommend? I have a 60 gallon hex aquarium that is 31" x 24". I actually used to have freshwater fish, and they all died. Now I know it's probably because I didn't cycle my water.... Up until now I...
  10. mearatiara

    Best online site to buy live plants?

    What is the best online website to buy live plants? I found a website called . They offer free shipping worldwide.. I thought it was kind of odd, so I'm looking for another site that doesn't seem sketchy lol.
  11. mearatiara

    Lighting for Hexagon aquarium

    I currently have a 60 gallon aquarium. It's 31" tall and each hexagon side is 12". The two bulbs that came with it are 8 watts each. Is that enough lighting for plant growth? I'm going to purchase plants this weekend, so I needed to know if that is even enough lighting for plants. I am thinking...
  12. mearatiara

    Fish that do well in a hexagon tank?

    Hi, I just recently got a GREAT deal on a 60 gallon hexagon aquarium. What fish should I add? And how many of each? I haven't had fish in years, so I'm a little inexperienced!

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