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  1. AceDRoger

    Help A discus fish not eating

    Hello dears, I have a problem with my discus fish as it stoped eating week ago, i have it with another 6 they are doing well but she. Now is hiding and won't eat, and there no signal of internal parasites no white poop no ich nothing appears to me at all, it looks perfect, i have 125g tank with...
  2. AceDRoger

    Squint Discus Problem

    Hello all, i have this Discus fish with a strange problem it tries to eat but it can't focus on the food when she pounce on it !!! it misses the pallets so she cannot eat now it is isolated in a tank with little bit of methylene blue and aquarium salt, what is this illness and can i do...
  3. AceDRoger

    Help Discus Beginner With Lots Of Mistakes

    Hello Dears, i would like to get Help from you guys as i'm not totally beginner in this hobby but new to discus fish keeping, now i'll throw some info about my tank it is a 125G planted tank with a nitrogen cycle up and running from 5-6 months. with some angel fish and platy and tetras in it...
  4. AceDRoger

    Help Oscar Fish Hunger Strike Problem

    Hey all: my oscar fish is not eating for about a week since i changed the aquarium substrate from gravel to sand and i changed the decoration as well then i had an accident with ICH disease and one week later the tank and the fish were cleaned out how can i prevent a possible death...
  5. AceDRoger

    How Can I Feed My Arowana

    Dears: I bought my new arowana 3 days ago and am not happy to feed the aro gold feeder fishes so i want to train it having pellets or sticks..... the problem though i have 3 oscars and severum fish and when i drop into the tank those pellets they attack like crazy and don't give the aro the...

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