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    Terrible problem!

    Hello all! I have recently encountered a terrible problem with brown algea. I have had it before but usually water changes take care of it. It is all over the glass, background and now even smothering my live plants! I have cleaned out the filters to remove some built up waste and this has...
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    Lighting combination question

    Hey everyone! I have a 108w T5 HO fixture and recently ordered some plants and new bulbs. The question is: which combination of light will give me the best plant growth? Should I use 2 6500k bulbs? Or one 6500k and one 10000k? The tank is 24" deep and I know the 10000k will reach deeper but will...
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    Discus saying hello!

    Just thought it was about time to post a pic of my discus. Apparently they were waiting on me to come in the room!
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    7 Discus for sale near Columbus Ohio

    I am selling 7 discus fish as a lot. There are 4 checkerboard pigeon blood, 2 valantine (red and white bodied) and a blue Turquoise. Range in disk size from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. PM, if interested. they will be pick up only sorry. I am asking $150 for all but its negotiable. Also I...
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    Someones Beautiful Tank!

    How gorgeous is this?? Anyone know what type of rock this is? Props to whoever designed this!
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    New idea need some suggestions!

    So currently I have a 120 setup with discus and rummynose tetra. Unfortunately with my work schedule an school schedule ramping up I cant keep up on feeding and water changes as much as I have been/ need to. So I am going to give them to a local guy and try my hand at a shell dweller kind of...
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    Please help!

    So earlier this week I looked in my tank and noticed that two of my nine cherry barbs were dead. I found this odd as they had all been showing no signs of illness prior to this. So I thought to myself, what could have caused this? I took notes on anything that has changed in the tank and here is...
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    Java moss question

    This is a quick one. My java moss is in a 5 gallon tank with 10w of lighting and it has turned from a deep green to a more yellowish-light green. Is this normal for java moss or do i need to change something to get it back to a darker color?
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    Molting behavior

    So I just added 4 cherry shrimp to my five gallon java moss tank and one has just molted. Since I am new to shrimp I am not sure what the shrimp should be doing after this. currently the exoskeleton is laying on top of the sand so it can be re-eaten but the shrimp who I think just molted is...
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    Tree of Life (Nano)

    Just put this together the other day. It is java moss on top of a piece of driftwood. I will update pics when java moss is thicker and untied from the wood. In a month or so I want it to be the new home for a colony of Cherry Shrimp
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    Is this sufficient lighting?

    Hello everyone, What I am looking to do is add some very simple low light plants to my tank. Just three types which are -java moss -echinodorus bleheri -vallisneria americana My question is to whether just over 1 watt per gallon of light is sufficient. I also plan to add flourish to...
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    Suggestions please!!

    Hello everyone! So I have a little five gallon marineland hexagonal tank that I want to make a planted tank here are the specs. 10w bulb (runs for 10+ hours a day) 2 inches of coarse gravel I have flourish liquid fert and also flourish root tabs. So this leads me to my question. What...
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    Some Enjoyable Nano Tanks

    Found this video on youtube and I thought I'd post it so everyone else can see
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    Help Is this body fungus?

    Hey everyone, one of my fish has developed a bit of what I believe to be a body fungus. Tell me if this sounds like that is what it is. On his left side more than his right he has grey streaks that are maybe half an inch long and pretty narrow. There are a few streaks like this. There is...
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    Finally! Here are the Pics I promised of the new 120

    Sorry it took so long!! Here they are!
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    120 Gallon Tank Good schooling fish suggestions

    I recently upgraded to a 120 gallon freshwater tank and now I am looking for a good colorful schooling fish (preferably no neon or cardinal tetras) that I could have about 8-10 in my tank. Any suggestions or personal favorites?
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    Almost D-Day

    So tomorrow is the day I want to move all of my fish into my new 120 gallon from my 55. I planned on buying about 10 5 gallon buckets as to save as much water as possible and also transfer my gravel with my established bacteria. However I am still nervous because I dont want all of my fish...
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    Coverting salt tank to freshwater

    Hey all, any help on this would be great! I am outgrowing my 55 gallon so I decided to upgrade. I found a 120 gallon tall tank and went and spoke with the owner about it today. The tank is in great shape but there are a few pressing issues i need to deal with. 1. The 120 gallon was used as a...
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    No more bubbles?

    So here is a question. I just got my eheim 2217 filter all installed and working great. It is sooo quiet and I love it. So I got to thinking maybe I could eliminate even more noise. The loudest thing is the airpump which sounds like a small airplane in my cabinet. I know that the Tetra air pumps...
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    For anyone thinking about a canister filter.

    Hello all, I recently purchased an Eheim 2217 canister filter and WOWOW does it make a huge change! My water went from a decently clear (with a Penguin 350, and Aquaclear 50 combined) to water that looks as clear as air! Its like my fish a floating!! It is unreal. If you are thinking about...

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