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  1. Barch

    Question About Tank Swim Space (betta)..

    Hello, I have a 10 gallon tank with one betta fish. I have had this fish over one year now, and saved him from deaths door more than once due to ammonia poisoning. He is thriving right now, and seems really happy, always makes bubble nests, and interacts with us when we approach the tank. My...
  2. Barch

    Dwarf Gourami Acting Funny

    I have a 20 gal with tetras and 2 dwarf gourami's. One of them is totally normal, swims around, eats food, and is all over the tank. As of the last few days/week I've noticed my other one has been sitting at the surface a lot, seems really bloated and isn't swimming around and being as active as...
  3. Barch

    Do My Bettas Have Fin Rot?

    I have two Betta fish. One is in a 10 gallon and we have had him since June. The tanks cycled and I do 30%-50% water changes every 1 or 2 weeks. My other Betta we have in a 5.5 gallon and had him since maybe August or September. Both tanks have 0 ammonia ppm, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrates. I keep...
  4. Barch

    My Tanks All Setup

    Just some pics of my tanks. Thank you to everyone on this forum for all the help. I started with 1 Betta in a tiny bowl and he was laying on the bottom of the tank and rapidly trying to get air, pretty much was white and dead. Now he's healthy and doing great in his 10 gallon. 55gal 20gal...
  5. Barch

    Java Fern Roots Growing / Brownish Black? Is This Safe?

    Hi, We have a 20 gallon with some Java Fern, an Anubis plant, Amazon Sword, and some long plant I'm not sure what it is. Anyway, our Java Ferns are growing awesomely. We have them in both our betta tanks and they have been sprouting new leaves like mad over the last couple of months. In our 20...
  6. Barch

    40 Gallon Questions

    Hey there, A quick rundown of my current tanks and future ideas: 20 High stocked w/ 2 Dwarf Gourami's (young) 7 Neon Tetra's (2 adults, 5 young) 5 Long-Skirt Tetra's (nearly fully grown) 5 Serpae Tetra's (2 adults 3 young) 1 Bristlenose Pelco (adult 4"-5") 10 Gallon w/ Betta 5.5 Gallon w/...
  7. Barch


    20 high 5 long fin tetras 2 serpas tetras 7 neon tetras 1 bristlenose pelco I have many live plants, my water paramaters are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0-5 nitrates (usually always 0 each week I test, probably due to the live plants) I'm wondering if I'm too stocked? I do weekly 50% changes of...
  8. Barch

    Is There Such Thing As Too Many Plants?

    I have a 20 gallon high aquarium with 15 total fish in it mostly all tetras and one bristlenose pleco. It has a small (maybe 12inch) Nicrew LED light which goes vertical to the tank and not all the way across via horizontally, ALTHOUGH I PLAN TO UPGRADE SOON. Right now I have a bunch of Java...
  9. Barch

    Brown Dots On Java Ferns?

    What is this stuff on my bettas java fern bad?
  10. Barch

    Tank Isnt Cycling?

    20 galllon/high 5 long skirt tetras 2 seprae tetras 7 neon tetras 1 bristlenose It's been running about a month since I've owned it and maybe 2 years prior with most of the same fish aside from the long skirts and neons which I added. My fish are all healthy, active, and the tank gets a...
  11. Barch

    What's Growing On My Java Fern Leaf?

    I make sure to either zip tie my Java ferns or just shove them somewhere in the tank so they don't float away but keeping the root exposed. Over the last couple days I noticed one of my older Java ferns started growing a little hair on the end of its Leaf, wondering what this is? None of my...
  12. Barch

    Horizontal Or Vertical Heater?

    Hey everybody I have a 20 gallon high and I got home last night to find my tank at about 76 degrees. which is odd because it's usually always 79-80. I turned my heater up and it got the tank up there to 78, but today I bought a new heater because I'm not sure how old is heater is that came with...
  13. Barch

    How Often To Water Change?

    I have 3 tanks. The cycles are as follows: Tank 1 (10 gallon w/ 1 betta) .25ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrates/0 Nitrites Tank 2 (5.5 gallon w/ 1 betta) Same as tank 1 Tank 3 (20 gal high w/14 tetra family fish, and a full size briatlenose pelco) 0/0/0 fully cycled My questions are as follows... #1-...
  14. Barch

    High Ammonia? Keep Doing Water Changes?

    I'm in the process of testing my tank. My tests are: pH: 7.4-7.8 Ammonia: 0.25ppm or 0.50ppm (color is kinda right in between) Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm I used the API master kit. My pH was off the charts by using a normal pH test, so I used the high range pH test and it's around 7.4 to 7.8...
  15. Barch

    Bristlenose Pleco Food?

    I recently did a new aquascape in my tank, removing some of the old hiding places and built up alge from tank because of adding new decorations. I noticed my pelco was moving all around the tank looking for a place to eat last night, or he was just checking the new digs out...the person who...
  16. Barch

    Just A Couple Pics Of My Tanks :)

    Just a couple pics of my two tanks. 20 gallon with some tetras and pelco, 10 gallon with our betta. I'm like 4 months into the hobby and it all started with a vase and the betta you see pictured. The little betta almost died due to overfeeding. He was in really bad shape, laying restless on the...
  17. Barch

    How To Tell If I Can Submerge My Heater Fully?

    I was given a Tetra heater. It's very similar to this other one I previously had. I'm not sure if its fully submersible or not as I didn't see it written anywhere on it. It looks exactly like work rn otherwise I'd upload an actual pic Thank you
  18. Barch

    What Are Ideal Numbers When Testing?

    I finally bought a API master freahwater test kit, as now I own 2 tanks and I got tired of taking bags of water to the petstore to have them test my water. I read the sticky on the nitrogen cycle, but I may have overlooked the exact part where it said what to shoot for as far as what numbers for...
  19. Barch

    Changing Out Carbon Without Ruining Cycle?

    I have two tanks, it's been about a month since I replaced carbon in my bettas tank and I recently adopted a 20 gallon. It looks like the person before me never did a gravel vacuum or changed out the carbon that came with the filter in 2 years (or ever). I've been running the 20 gallon for about...
  20. Barch

    Moneywort And Anubias

    I have a 20 gallon with some java fern I just keep roots exposed on, moneywort and an anubis plant. I buried the anubis roots and the moneywort had a rubberband around the root/stems and I buried them all together. It's only been a week, haven't seen any growth. I never owned any especially...

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