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    Black spots on/near front of African cichlids!! Help please!!

    So about 4 day ago I noticed a handful of black spots on 2 of my acei's in my fish tank. I remember once from a long time ago hearing that it could be scabs from digging in gravel but I'm not sure. I decided to wait but I still decided I should do at least something so I added salt. but...
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    Silver Dollar Help : / sick?

    Ok so I know that silver dollars aren't tetras but I couldn't figure out where to ask... but hey they both school right? ;D Anyways on to the question... My silver dollar (about 5-6 years so i know he's getting up there : ( ) is beggining to have some black patterns on his side. Its...
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    Light Replacement

    I currently have 2 10watt CFL Full spectrum Aquarium bulbs... Plants grow happily in there but annual fee of replacing these two guys is about $12 I was wondering if this would do the job equally well... I read on wiki that my bulbs should have about 450-650 lumens... beats that... And would...
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    Troubleshooting a DIY chiller concept.

    I have a 10g tank and I don't feel like swaping out frozen water bottles or ice cubes to chill it. It is about 86... There are no living creatures in there but eventually I would like there to be... What if I took and rigged it to cool the tank... It says it can cool the coke to 47... maybe it...
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    Cross Breeding Question

    I have searched for hours and I cant find out if Electric Blues and Electric Yellow labs interbreed. They live happily together and only really notice their own breeds but I have 3 batches of babies. 1 I know is from an Electric Blue pair and they are dark grey babies. 1 I know is from an...
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    CO2 Tank inquiry

    Does anyone know if I can empty a propane tank (like for grills) and fill it with CO2?
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    Algae vs Plants

    I have a lowlight tank with hornwort anubias and anarcharis and java moss... There is also some really big growth of algae... But the algae has stoped growing as fast since the other plants (most notably the hornwort) have grown alot. My question will the plants win the nutriend battle and...
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    Lots of Melting!

    I don't know what caused this but my (very bushy and healthy) Anarchis and my val and an unidentified plant I've been growing all melted... They grew fine for 3 weeks until they died one weekend while I was gone... I do bi-weekly flourish comprehensive (not to be confused with excel)...
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    Madagascar Lace (Aponogeton madagascariensis)

    I remember seeing this plant a while back but i heard it requires strict water parameters... My question... Is it really as strict as it seems? All of my plants are flourishing in my plant tank... CO2 and ferts do wonders... but I don't really do much to the water just weekly water...
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    PH issue

    I have a high ph in all my tanks 7.4-8.0 (it varies per tank) KH is between 3-4.5 (it varies per tank) So I have almost no CO2 concentration Long story short I would like more CO2 per tank and its likely impossible unless I drop my ph... but how? Ive heard of peat moss in the filter...
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    10 assasins

    I recently bought 10 assassins for my 55g and there was PLENTY of snails to be food but now 2 weeks later there are just a bunch of assassin snail shells... do they eat each other? parameters are fine... do silver dollars eat them? any ideas?
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    Do they eat plants?

    I have a 20g planted tank that has nothing but TONS of plants... The plants are a must... will a blue lobster eat plants?
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    Seachem Excel Comprehensive

    I just found out Excel Comprehensive has "0.0001% Copper (Cu) "... Now my question... Is this enough to hurt inverts like Cherry Shrimp? Need answers soon please! Thanks!
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    Crawfish (new sub forum?)

    I'm not sure how this works butt... I was thinking there should be a subcategory for crayfish under the invertebrate section and possibly even a insect section... I know insects aren't really part of the aquaria but some people talk about it and when they do they go to the invertebrate...
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    Are marineland eclipses safe for saltwater?

    Are marineland eclipses safe for saltwater?
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    CO2 disaster : (

    I made a 2L DIY CO2 setup (1cup sugar half a packet of yeast) (It was connected to an air-stone not a water pump) and then I placed it in my 10g(only shrimp and lots of plants) and turned off the air pump... They looked fine during the day but this morning 9/40 shrimp molted and 3 are...
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    LF: 1 assasin snail

    I would like 1 assassin snail shipped. PM me or post here with your price. Thanks : )
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    Would plants benefit from...

    Would plants benefit from gradual lighting... As in 5*10 watt bulbs and somthing like this happening hour ........ # of bulbs on 1rst hour - 1 2nd hour -2 3rd hour - 2 4rth hour -3 5th hour -3 6th hour -4 7th hour - 5 8th hour - 5 9th hour -4 10th hour -3 11th hour -3 12th hour -2...
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    DIY CO2 Question

    I noticed that diy CO2 mixtures don't require too much sugar or yeast but almost fill a 2 litter with water... is the water important? Basically I'm asking if i could use a 20oz bottle with the same success but less water; because its far lower profile with a small bottle... If I can't do...
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    DIY CO2 dispersion!

    Anyone have ideas on how to disperse CO2 in my 10 gallon? I plan on growing demanding plants like HC and Glosso. Also I'm trying to keep the tank as sleek and low profile as possible. The reactor would be in the cabinet... but in the water a power head system would not be preferred...

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