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    Castle Grayskull!

    Looks great. I'm glad it found a new home and enjoy it as much as I did.
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    Petco dollar per gallon question

    Anyone know when the next one is going to be?
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    European Ram?

    Looks like a regular German Blue Ram to me. Can't help you sexing it tho. You may want to post a more closer up picture of it to get that answer.
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    Scarlet Badis tankmate ideas?

    I keep emerald rasboras, CPDs, dwarf cories, ember tetras, RCS, and guppies with my four. But I have them all in a 60 gallon tank. They all get along fine. Maybe you can do a scaled down quantity of one of those types.
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    Smallest Type of Loach?

    Are Kuhlis the smallest type of Loach there is? Are there any pygmy or dwarf type of loaches?
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    FS: Jumbo Resin Castle Ornament

    please send me a zip code so that I can get an accurate shipping quote
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    Sexing Congo Tetras?

    Thanks for the link. By looking at those pics, now I am not sure if I have 2 females or just regular congo tetras. Is there a big difference in look of regular male congos and long finned versions?
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    Sexing Congo Tetras?

    I have a school of 6 Congo Tetras. 4 are long finned and 2 are regular. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between males and females?
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    The newest version of my 100 gallon

    just a couple of new pics of the electric blue rams and Dwarf Crayfish.
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    RAOK Dwarf sagitteria! Great ground cover plant! Free stems. Just pay shipping!

    Would you be able to post a pic to show exactly how big the stems are? Thanks
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    FS: Jumbo Resin Castle Ornament

    I have these castle pieces for sale $14 a piece or both for $25. I would prefer a local pick up. Actual shipping at buyers expense. Lol... I posted these up a couple of years ago.... Had no takers... Been sitting on a shelf ever since. Decided to try again
  17. 100 gallon Community Fish Tank

    100 gallon Community Fish Tank

  18. 60 gallon Guppy and Nano fish Tank

    60 gallon Guppy and Nano fish Tank

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