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  1. LisaAnne

    Help convict cichlid eating fish to the bone

    Sorry to hear that your fish were eaten. Convicts are pretty aggressive. They've been know to take on just about any fish, including some twice their size! With cichlids you'll find that it usually comes down to the individual attitude, not size alone. That being so, some convicts can live well...
  2. LisaAnne

    What plants for Frontosa?

    Have not tried that one! I will try that!! Thanks! Edit: Darn! Just read that Bolbitis prefers soft water with pH below 7 or it can develop black spots. The pH in this tank is well over 8.
  3. LisaAnne

    What plants for Frontosa?

    Does anyone keep Frontosa with live plants? I've read that a lot of people have had success keeping them together but, my Fronts always strip my plants of all their leaves, then pull the bare stem out of my substrate. Many plants have met this fate! Still, I am determined to find a plant that...
  4. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question... again

    Thanks andiok! I read a lot too. Sometimes I read so much that I end up confusing myself and need others to help make sense of everything! lol I contacted support and was told they have the capability to test my transformer but, that there wasn't really a way that she could explain for me to...
  5. LisaAnne

    Two male BN plecos?

    I have 3 BN plecos in my 180. I have 1 male, 1 female, and the 3rd is too young yet to tell the sex. They all get along just fine though.
  6. LisaAnne


    I wouldn't say that a background is a must but, depending on your fish, and the placement of your tank, it can prove to be of great benefit. If your aquarium is near a window, a background helps to control algae by filtering out sunlight. If your aquarium is in a high traffic zone, a...
  7. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question... again

    I found an number to call for support. I'll be calling them today as soon as support availability starts! Thanks for the link! I do have the manual and have read and reread it... couldn't find all the answers I needed, and the transformer only has the brand name, and the serial number...
  8. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question... again

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it isn't the unit that was new. Only the bulb was new. If my unit blew the bulb, due to some malfunction within my transformer, then I couldn't expect to return the bulb. I'm trying to pinpoint my problem before I blow another bulb.
  9. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question... again

    My Aqua UV bulb blew out after about 2 weeks! (BIG bummer since they are $60+ to replace!) I don't believe that the bulb was defective since it was working, (if only for a short time) and the bulb is now scorched near the filament. That being so, I'm wondering if I have a transformer problem. I...
  10. LisaAnne

    Funny Snail Surfing!

    How funny!
  11. LisaAnne

    So angry! Friend STOLE my fish!

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of you beloved pets, and the treachery of your friend! Indeed there is no excuse for her behavior. Personally, I would not allow her, or her family members, in a position where they could either cause you physical harm, or steal from you. When dealing with...
  12. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question

    I can totally understand! And we can't buy shoes that are too big in order to give them a little room to grow either! If we do they fall constantly! (It probably doesn't help that once they've learned to run they never walk anymore! lol)
  13. LisaAnne

    Hi, new to fishlore

    I wouldn't touch the filter media at this point. If you are going through a mini cycle you don't want to risk losing any more of your BB. I'd leave it be and let the BB catch up to your bio load. If you're dosing Prime according to the bottles recommendation for a nitrite emergency and it isn't...
  14. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question

    At only 2 years old this small fry is kind of beefy! Not to mention, he has a lot of personality... the sort that wants to run the whole house That being said, I'm open to size suggestions! So far, he outgrows everything rather quickly!! lol Yes, mine is set up that way. With...
  15. LisaAnne

    Hi, new to fishlore

    Welcome to FL!!! Hmmmm... if the tank was indeed cycled, then your method of adding the seeded media was great, so long as the media didn't dry out before being placed in your filter. It could be that you are experiencing a mini cycle. Moving things around (filter media, substrate etc.) can...
  16. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question

    Great news and thanks for the link! I've read, reread and am still reading a great deal about watts and GPH rates! lol Maybe all my reading should have answered my question for me but, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something! Thanks again!
  17. LisaAnne

    UV sterilizer question

    I have this monster of a uv sterilizer (Aqua 57 watt) hooked up to my 180 but, I have it hooked up inline to only one of my 2 Eheim canister filters. Will it work well enough being attached to only one filter? I'm guessing it will still do it's job, just might work slower??
  18. LisaAnne

    Mama, Papa, and babies

    LOVE the picture of the spider on the onion flower! Great job!!
  19. LisaAnne

    New used aquarium

    Personally, I agree with Randyk47. UNLESS the source you got the fish from is a trusted one, and the media didn't dry out already. I've acquired tanks from previous owners that seemed to know what they were doing in the hobby until I looked closer at the equipment they used with the tank. Long...
  20. LisaAnne

    Cynotilapia Afra Chimate?

    That's definitely preferred!! lol Good luck!

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