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    HOWDY! Click on the pics to view a short video of each of my tanks! i am still building all of them bit by bit but they are getting to a stage where i am pretty happy with them! TANK #1 - Micro Reef Size- 38L Aqua One AR380 filtration- Inbuilt trickle filter + external FLuval canister...
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    Newbie from DOWN UNDER!!

    howdy fellow fish lovers!! glad to be apart of the forums!! i have posted some pics of some of my salt and freshwater tanks! looking forward to sharing the up and the downs of this demanding hobby!!! Peace!! Matt
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    starfish + coral splicing....

    I have a large blue starfish, i think it is the most common kind, i see pleanty of them in all my LFS's. i have read and heard that they have the ability to regenerate if spliced down the centre with a very sharp one edged blade. (razor, scalpel etc) thus potentialy ending up with two stars...
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    Is anyone familiar with keeping cephlapod's (spelling?) commonly known as as octopus. i have been successful in keeping stingrays, eels and sharks and want to broaden it to set up a octopus only tank... i have heard they usually only live around a year, and that is if you can keep them...
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    Compatability - eel/shark + coral banded shrimp

    i am keen to invest in some coral banded shimp for my 6x2x2 reef tank. however i have a 2foot port jackson shark and a 3foot+ snowflake eel... will they polish off the coral banded shrimp for a snack? i have seen pics of eels with their mouths open letting shrimp clean their mouth which i think...
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    Clown fish Ich + anenomie

    Do anenamies help keep ich from Clownfishes?
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    Snowflakes bring great joy to my tank! i first had a baby one in my 6footer, i wanted to watch it grow over the years.... it was very hardy and great to watch. One of my friends then enlisted in the NSW airforce and needed to find a better home for his then 3foot snowflake, so i took it on...
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    NEW 4foot Cichlid set up!

    Here is my newly completed project! livestock: all babies so far except one identified species. and the breeding pair...also unidentified at the moment. (pics to come) 2x electric Blue 4x Electric yellow 1x 6Bar frontosa 2x Salmon Cats 2x Weather loaches 2x hongi island 1x Peackock (i think) 1x...
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    My 6x2x2 - shark + EEL

    My first post on this forum, i thought i would show you how i have been building up my 6x2x2 reef aqaurium. This is how i had it only a few months ago before a crash :-( i lost everything in my tank including my much loved sting ray + port jackson sharks which were all eating out of my hand...

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