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  1. Bacalaotropic

    29 Gallon Tank Molly Can't Stay Afloat.,

    Dalmatian molly sinks to bottom,struggling to breathe. Other Sunset molly and rest of stock is fine Oops, not mollies rather platties , sorry, newbie. ?
  2. Bacalaotropic

    Shrimp Friend Or Foe

    Thinking of adding some RCS to my tank, but don t know if my stock is shrimp compatible. Have 2 platties,4 bst,3 white tetras and a 5 in. CAE. Just have a gravel bottom w plastic plants, but want to plant some real ones, especially java moss. Any info or guidelines will be appreciated.
  3. Bacalaotropic

    Moldy Flakes

    I started to feed my friends this morning, when I noticed some of the flakes had a green mold. Eeeek, I cringed, OMG, I'm going to poison them! I immediately grabbed the net and scooped up all I could, but alas, they ate some. I hope they don't get sick. Can that mold cause harm? I had blood...
  4. Bacalaotropic

    My Red Mollie In Trouble?

    I noticed that my mollie has an inch long string of something ( poop? ) dangling from his anus. Is this unhealthy, should I remove it?
  5. Bacalaotropic

    Chinese Ae Woes

    Here I thought my Cae was really liking the pleco wafers, til I caught the "band of brothers ", namely my two male mollies, chomping away at a wafer fest. I try to drop the wafer near the rear of the tank, but they find it and feast onit. Is this unhealthy for them? The BStetras also join in...
  6. Bacalaotropic

    Fl University

    Greetings friends, Fish Lore University is what I call the forum. I love to read the diverse threads and learn in the process. I'm amazed at the wealth of collective information out there and the generosity of FLU members willing to share. Hope you all a blessed Christmas, and thanks again.
  7. Bacalaotropic

    Newbie Question On Battery Operated Thing

    Among the things I was given was this thing. Don't know what it's used for. It's battery operated. Is it usefu for my tank? At first I thought it was 20 gal but think it's more, measures 30 x 18 x12.
  8. Bacalaotropic

    Mollie Maternity

    I have 2 mollies, how do I know if they are female and are pregnant? First I ever owned.
  9. Bacalaotropic

    Cherry Shrimp

    I'd like to add rcs t my 39 gallon tank but need to buy some java moss. Is this a good choice, and who sells it?
  10. Bacalaotropic

    Restarted My Freshwater.

    Greetings friends, finally did my homework, got the kit, tested the water. All within FISHLORE specs. Got 3 blk tetras, 3 wht tetras and 2 mollies. Introduced by the book, not a drop of lfs water in my 40 gallon tank. Sat and observed, videod feeding. They seem as happy as I am. Now I...
  11. Bacalaotropic

    Thanks For The Welcome

    Hi to all. I have always loved aquariums, but never owned one till a friend of mine moved and gave me theirs. A 20 gallon w 2 fish, a long bottom feeder and a one inch gray, haven't identified yet. They survived the move, so here we go. Hope to add more as I learn from your experience. Thanks...

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