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    5 Gallon Tank Stocking For A New 5 Gallon Aquascape

    After a LONG 3 year break, i decided to come out of retirement and make a new aquascape. Currently I'm gonna stock: cherry shrimp, nerite snails, amano shrimp. I'm struggling to decide which fish to get. It's either a plakat betta or 5 scarlet badis (2:3 M/F ratio)
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    How To Get Rid Of Brown Algae On My Plants?

    yeah its like chris said, they are just intaking silicates. they will pass away in due time. i currently have it around my mini xmas moss but thats because its a new tank. now unless you are using injected co2, high dosage of ferts and have demanding plants like dwarf baby tears i woud advise...
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    Species Only Tank - Scarlet Badis Or Bubblebee Goby

    i see. do tel me, how big do these gobies really get in an aquarium
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    Species Only Tank - Scarlet Badis Or Bubblebee Goby

    so after a very VERY long break from the hobby i have decided to come back and start scaping again. this time i want to keep things very simple by just having 1 dominant species of fish in my tank. now i have had scarlet badis before and absolutely loved their size but i was wondering about the...
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    A Name For My Betta

    Eclipse sounds like a good name and gives me an idea for naming my betta
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    Is It Safe To Use Plastic Tablecloth As Tank Cover?

    I see nothing wrong with it. For a short while I use cling film over my old betta tank to reduced evaporation
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    Would this light work?

    From what I have heard from all the other planted tank forums such as aquascspe world, Ukaps, planted tank forum and Tom Barr they all said that the kelvin temperature doesn't matter but instead the par reading are what you should be more concerned. I tested it myself for 6 months and saw NO...
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    HC Cuba dwarf baby tears

    No no. You don't need to buy anymore. Youre fine. Just trim it and let it fill in
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    HC Cuba dwarf baby tears

    Nice scape. You planted it good (but better than other people I've seen) though I still would have planted in much smaller clumps. For example, the area next to the cherry shrimp looks very thick. I would have split that onto 10 smaller clumps. That way you get faster growth and spread
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    Would this light work?

    I thought that 10000k vs 6700k myth was busted long time ago. Kelvin is just the color temperature it's doesn't. The plants don't give a . I grew successful plants in 10000k, 6500k and a mix. I switched from 10000k to 6700k not because of growth but because I wanted led lights instead of t5ho...
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    HC Cuba dwarf baby tears

    It would be nice to see a picture to make it easier to judge. It's good that you made then into smaller clumps. When I did it my small clumps were no bigger than the size of my finger prints
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    HC Cuba dwarf baby tears

    Plant it in small clumps first then leave it for 2-3 weeks to grow a strong toot system. Then trim it. Make sure you have sufficient stable levels of co2 AND good glow at the substrate level. If you miss either of these factors you will deal with algae and that never ends well
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    What's wrong with her?

    The best way to cure this IMO is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This tends to occur when a tank is very dirty and hasn't been maintained properly
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    What's wrong with her?

    Just from the picture I'm 99% sure he has dropsy. They say when you see the signs of it like the raised scales and bloated belly it's too late. They say give an Infected fish a epson salt bath every day for a few seconds can help. I tried this with all my past fish that had this issue but...
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    Betta Photos

    After a long break from the hobby. I decide to get this little guy for the 60 litre. It was trick to pick between him and a Blue white and black metallic double half moon. But I love plakats and I didn't want to fuss about fins I named him Ryuuko.
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    Wattage 3/4 Per Gallon. Java Fern, Anubias.

    Blue led isn't gonna do anything so don't bother. The light is pretty low. But 8f you put all the plants close to the centre of the light then it should be fine. Java fern and anubias(i think any sp ) will still grow. Just incredibly slow. You can does excel just in the recommended levels...
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    Plants came early

    I'm guessing you didn't research enough before getting that tank if you're asking how big of a must it is for c02. I can say for a fact pretty much everyone who gets the plant and grows it successful uses c02. Some use DIY but most use pressurised. Sorry but you are not growing this plants...
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    Yeah I use something similar. Never had any cons tbh just pros. It provides all the nutrients the plants need.
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    Airstone or not?

    For one why would you need an air stone if you have plants? Secondly, since you don't inject co2 (excel is carbon not co2) you already have a small amount. By using an airstone you will gas off even the smallest traces of co2 already in the tank. IMO it's just adding redundancy

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