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    Help lighting my 210 gal tank

    I was looking at some 36 '' t5 HO dual strips 78 watts. I was thinking of putting two of them on the tank. the only plants that will be in the tank is java moss and ferns.Or is that two much light
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    Pvc Piping

    I want to put some pcv piping in my tank as hiding spots, but can it be painted and what kind of paint should iI use.I was going to use aquarium silicone to stick some stone on it but I think the oscars will peel it all off??? What do you all think !!! THANKS...
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    Just got the fx5 today and i'm getting ready to set it up to cycle on my 75 gal. tank. because my 220 gal . will be here soon , I do plan on running it for a month on the 75 gal. ? is what is the best way to set up the fx5
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    Used Fluval 404

    I got a used cannister filter fluval 404, I was wondering what to put in the 4 empty trays. I didn't get a book for it so I was wondering what was the best why to set the trays up, and what go's in them from bottom up. setiing this up for a 75 gal. that has 2 oscar10in,2pleco's4in., 2clowns 2in...
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    10 Gallon Tank Pink Sponge

    I was setting up a Quarantine tank to put 2 gold fish that had be fin nipped by some barbs. filled the tank up with ro water with ro/right,put heater on and had aqua tech filter with a sponge in it, it had been on my 75gal. for 2 months.When I moved it the sponge was a lite yellowish color,I ran...
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    ?I have for tonight

    I was at the lfs and bought some tiger barbs , and not knowing any thing about them. got them home and soon found out that they like to nip fancy tailed gold fish . They don't go after no other fish.I bought 3, so do I bye 3 more and see if they leave the gold fish alone, or I have a bigger tank...
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    40 Gallon Tank penguin bio wheel

    I bought a use tank and it had a penguin bio wheel 200, but the wheel won't turn. I was wondering if I could put a songe and biomax and use it that why and get ride of wheel . Has anyone ever done this,and how did work thia wayy
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    40 Gallon Tank name the fish ???

    I was told today when I got the fish at the LFS they said they where cherry barbs, but when I looked them up here they didn't look like the pic.SO WHAT ARE THEY???I do like them,but need more info. on them.
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    75 Gallon Tank ? on cloudy tank

    this tank has been runnig clear for 6 months now. I put some drift wood in and it tannis the water. So in mean time I had some fighting oscars , one got beat up a little. So I pulled the drift wood and boiling it again and add stress coat help fish heal up . fish is heal fine but water gots a...
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    75 Gallon Tank sick oscar

    I was look at fish this morning and saw that my oscar was not acting normal .when it swam up to me ,it look to have long white patch's on it's side witch looked to be scrapes on its sides ! was trying to up load pic. but does not want to work. how should I TREAT this fish I feed it some feeder...
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    I got some driftwood the other day at lfs. they said it was all ready boilded.So I took it home and boiled it for an hour drained and soaked over night, I put it in tank later it Tannins my water. how long will this last ???
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    300 Gal tank and main floor

    I was at the lfs today talking about a 300 gal tank , and he told me I would have to have it put in my basement. He said if I put it on the main floor it would later fall thruogh it. Is this true ???
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    75 Gallon Tank cycled

    ok now that my tank is finaly cycled , when do I start to clean filter. I have a aquaclear 110 , do I waite a month or so. its been running 8 weeks now and was wondering.
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    75 Gallon Tank "Add and Wait" Method

    ok this what going on, started live fish cycle about 7 weeks ago and all the fish went bye bye. will never ask local fish store that ? when the last fish passed. I read about the"Add and Wait" Method so started that took ammonia up to 8ppm and took a week to drop to 0 then started...
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    new at this cycle ?

    yes I have read about the nitrogen cycle on this site, still don't totaly under stand the numbers yet ! The store I bought the tank at has left me with many ? and yes they told me to use the quick strips, after reading the forums here I unstand I need a API MASTER TESTER and I well get one...

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