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  1. WildJuniper

    Help Algae Problem! *+ Fish Identification*

    Hi all, I used to have an aquarium a few years ago when I joined this forum. I now have a little project going on, but its been a few years so I need to refresh my knowledge. So, I have what I believe are 5 wild guppy - they are an invasive species around the rivers/lakes where I live...
  2. WildJuniper

    Need to re-home one of my fish - what can I get instead?

    I have a 20 gallon aquarium that has 7 harlequin rasbora, 1 male betta, 1 apple snail and a BN pleco. recently I have noticed that my bettas fins looked torn, and a few weeks ago I saw why - my BN pleco had been attacking my poor boy while he was trying to sleep on the bottom of the tank, so now...
  3. WildJuniper

    Very Low PH Level!

    So, I just tested my pH level in my aquarium and I was shocked to see that it was a very pale yellow color (6.0) I tested it again shaking the bottle well just to make sure I was reading it right and it came back slightly different at about 6.4 ish. Its not normal for my pH to be that low as...
  4. WildJuniper

    Badly Bloated Betta!

    My male betta has been bloated for about five days now. He recently recovered from fin rot and ich, but is now all cured and back in the community tank. I was so happy that he was healthy again but then I noticed that he was very bloated a few days later - Hes only bloated in his stomach area...
  5. WildJuniper

    Help! High ammonia + nitrate in cycled tank!

    I have a 20 gallon tall tank that has been running for just under a month (not including the time it took to cycle) I have one male betta, 8 Harlequin rasboras, 3 days ago i got an apple snail and a BN pleco too. I had noticed that my Harleys were acting quite lethargic so I quickly did a...
  6. WildJuniper

    Would like one more fish for my tank?

    I have a 20 gallon tall tank with 1 male betta, 8 Harlequin rasboras and 1 apple snail. All my fish get on fantasticly, but I would really like to add one more fish, preferably a bottom dweller. I was thinking a BN pleco, but I think they might get too big for my tank? I don't really want more...
  7. WildJuniper

    My 20 gallon tall

    Finally got an LED light for my aquarium! Here it is! My camera makes it have a weird glow look to it but oh well hahah. This is home to my male betta, Harris and 8 Harlequin rasboras. I have a mix of silk and live plants in here, though I'm planning on getting more live plants!
  8. WildJuniper

    Dominant Harlequin rasbora?

    I recently got a male betta and four Harlequin rasboras for my newly cyced tank (getting 4 more in a week, don't worry ). The rasbora and betta get on fantastically, but as I was observing my fish I noticed one of my Harley's was chasing the others, flaring and then going off by himself. From...
  9. WildJuniper

    Can I add all these fish in my tank at once?

    As my tank is coming to the end of the cycling process I've started to wonder how I'm going to introduce all the fish to the tank. I have an 18.7 gallon, and I'm wanting to add 1 Betta, 6 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 Apple snail and maybe 7 Pristella Tetras (If the tank size/bio load would accept the...
  10. WildJuniper

    Went to my local fish store, very happy!

    So, today I decided to go to my local fish store because i wanted to see if their bettas were better than the ones in my big chain pet store. I went in and couldnt see any betta tanks (here in NZ they are kept in little divided tanks, not cups.) Until I finally saw a betta in the corner of my...
  11. WildJuniper

    'Sea Monkeys' aka Brine shrimp in a 2.5 gallon bowl?

    So, today I picked up a 2.5 gallon bowl for a dollar at a garage sale (or yard sale/car boot sale - whatever you call it) thinking maybe I could put some aquarium plants in it and possibly a fish or two, but after doing some research I decided a 2.5 gallon bowl isn't really good for any fish. I...
  12. WildJuniper

    My 18.7 gallon aquarium

    This is my aquarium that I'm currently cycling, its going to house one male betta and possibly some Harlequin rasboras and/or some snails suggestions welcome! p.s Sorry for the glare haha
  13. WildJuniper

    HELP! 0ppm Nitrates?

    So, I'm on day 12 of my 18 gallon tank cycle, using fish food. I've had a reading of 0ppm ammonia for the past few days (After it had spiked) and the my Nitites spiked - today they are now 0ppm, I got so excited because I thought my tank was cycled but then I went to test my Nitrates and I was...
  14. WildJuniper

    Is there a snail breed that doesn't reproduce by itself?

    Hey! I always liked the idea of having snails in an aquarium with fish, though I don't really want to have to deal with lots of babies.. is there a type of snail that doesn't reproduce by itself?
  15. WildJuniper

    Ammonia hardly spiked and is now gone - Normal??

    So, I'm on day 7 of my 18 gallon tank cycle (Using fish food) Today my readings were: Ammonia: 0.50ppm (The day before they were 1.0ppm) Nitrite: 1.0ppm (Previously 0.25ppm) Nitrate: 10ppm (The same the day before) I added a pinch of fish flakes, as I do every day like normal. Because I was...
  16. WildJuniper

    15 Gallon? 20 Gallon? 20 Gallon tall?

    [Sorry if this is in the wrong place] So, I always thought I had a 15 gallon tank. I put the dimensions of my tank in the calculator here on Fish lore, but when I did it said I had an 18.7 US gallon aquarium? I did a very quick amount of research and saw that maybe I had a "20 gallon tall" ...
  17. WildJuniper

    Betta + Harlequin Rasboras?

    Hi, I'm going to be getting a male betta once my 15 gallon aquarium is cycled and eventually I would like to put some fish in with him. I particularly like Harlequin rasboras, and wondered if it would be ok to have 5-6 in a 15 gallon with the betta? Thanks
  18. WildJuniper

    How to care for plants?

    So, at the moment I'm cycling my 15 gallon aquarium for my future Betta fish and eventually I would like to add some live plants as I think the Betta would really enjoy them. I was just wondering if you needed any special substrate (I just have gravel) or lighting? At the moment I don't have any...
  19. WildJuniper

    How long until I get an ammonia reading?

    So, this is my first time cycling a tank, the only other fish experience I've had was goldfish when I was little. I'm trying to do a fish-less cycle using fish food, (After not being able to find pure ammonia anywhere) its a 15 gallon tank and I started adding the food three days ago and was...

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