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    Help Identify A Fish Please

    hi I have brought a fish that the shop says was a green goby but a have be researching a can’t find it anywhere if it doesn’t exists could you please help identify it or have I guess I think it is a bicolour blenny Many thanks
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    Cleaner Shrimp Shaded Shell

    hi Today my cleaner shrimp had shedded its shell for the first time should I take the shedding out the tank or is it ok to leave in the tank to rot away Many thanks
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    Update On Tank

    hi I have had a 15 gallon going for awhile now every think has been stable it was only stocked with a pair of clowns but unfortunately I have lost one a think to old age as the person who had it before me had it a descent time so now as of a few days ago I made a move and added a Azure...
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    One Of My Clownfish Passed

    hi I have had a pair of clown for three years now I have had no water problems or equipment failure but one of my clown passes I think it was old because it was full size when I got the clown. So now I have a single clownfish in a 14 gallon tank any ideas of what my next move could be with the...
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    Adding First Coral

    Hi I have had a tank cycled and added first fish two weeks ago every think is stable how long should I wait to add the first coral Many Thanks
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    Not Sure If Heater Is Failing

    hi I had a cheap Amazon’s 100w heater in a tank that’s says the heater can do it but a set the heater to 82. And it is only stay at 78-79. Is that a sign of a failing heater so in case a order a more expensive one that is branded. Many thanks
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    How Long Will A Plant Live

    hi I am getting some plants through the post it’s going to take four days for them to come will they survive in a bag that long with water Many Thanks
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    Use Co2 As A Beginner

    Just a poll if it works
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    Idea For Planted Tank

    Hi I have just put together a six gallon planted tank I have do the substrate down a pond a few rock to create a drop down look and to add depth just wondering what idea would be good for planting. I installed a co2 system but after reading about it ,it is a bad move for a beginner Also lighting...
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    Type Of Plants

    hi I going to have a large open area in my planted tank a thinking of putting a plant in that simile to grass as in how it can cover a large area Many thanks Also does this light look strong enough to grow plants from 30 cm away
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    Size Of Tank For Clownfish

    hi Just wondered what would be right would I pair of regular clown fish live go in a 13 gallon for the rest of there time may be adding a blend, goby or wrasse would that work Many Thank
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    First Ever Planted Tank

    Hi I’m doing my first planted aquarium ever had experience with freshwater fish just wondered if the soil layer is ok at about 3-4 inches deep and what temperature should I set the heater to It’s a 30l nano cube by dennerle Many thanks
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    Filter Broke

    Hi Last night in my 6 gallon tank the filter just went pop out the middle of no where I have no new filter but I have a 13 gallon tank about four days left on the cycle and the ammonia is only about 0.2 which with the api test kit could be a false positive could I add the 6 gallons of water...
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    Cycling When Ready For Fish

    Hi My new tank had been cycling for three and half weeks now it’s a 13 gallon tank Test results Ammonia: 0.1 ppm Nitrites:0.0 ppm Nitrate: 0.2 ppm Ph: 8.2 Does this mean that the tank is soon ready for fish Many thanks
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    Co2 Requirements

    hi I am starting a six gallon planted aquarium from an old saltwater tank if I was to stock it full of plants would I need a co2 system and would I need to let the tank cycle before adding plants Many Thanks
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    Add First Clean Up Crew

    hi If my tank go a full two days and test are ok could I add a hermit crab into the tank to boost the cycle And test daily Many thanks
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    Test Kit And Coral Placement

    hi I have a test kit that covers ph, nitrite, ammonia and nitrates if I have a reef what other kit should I get also which part of a tank is a green star polyp and a frogspawn best in Many thanks
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    Cycling Time

    hi I have now got live rock in my tank and added a bit of old tank water how long do I need to wait for t to cycle thank you
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    Nano Reef First Coral

    hi I am new to corals currently I will have a 13 gallon tank with town clowns, few hermit and shrimp just wondering after the new tank cycle is done how long should i wait to add coral and is their any sort which will be good for beginner also is dosing required Many Thanks
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    Nitrifying Bacteria

    hi If I got a bottle of nitrifying bacteria and add it at the same times as live rock how long would I have to wait to add fish Many thanks

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