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  1. Wendigoblue

    Parameters For Angelfish

    I'm setting up angelfish aquariums (4 to be exact lol) and want to make sure everything is perfect, specifically the parameters. The first aquarium I'm cycling will be a grow out/the tank for the first few to start pairing off in. The rest will be setup shortly after this one is done cycling...
  2. Wendigoblue

    Goldfish with possible Anchor worms!

    Goldfish with Anchor worms! I noticed my fish had a wound around the base of it's fin and thought nothing of it and kept the water clean, until my other fish developed one around the base of it's dorsal also. I'm pretty much 99% sure it's an anchor worm infestation. These are recently acquired...
  3. Wendigoblue

    300 Gallon Stocking

    Hi, I'm setting up a 300 gallon and need some help with my stocking ideas. This is a pond and I'm not sure if I'm in the right section... Anyway my hopeful stocking is angelfish, 3 spot gourami, emerald cory cats, bristle nose plecos and swordtails. Are these species compatible?
  4. Wendigoblue

    300 Gallon Stock Tank Brain Storm/Questions!

    Hi, So I have a 300 gallon stock tank that I'm setting up! I'm so excited! Stats for the stock tank: Temperature: air temp is around 100oF in the summer, with it reaching up to 115oF on the rare occasion (Texas.....) Setup area: above ground (I know, I know), surrounded by clay/dirt + plenty...
  5. Wendigoblue

    Betta Tail Type Poll!

    As the title says, this is a betta tail type poll! What's your favorite betta tail type?
  6. Wendigoblue

    Betta Color Poll!

    As the title says, this is a betta color poll! What's your favorite betta color?
  7. Wendigoblue

    Objections to color cross?

    So I have a beautiful super delta dragon scale mustard gas betta male (Neptune) and 2 crowntail females and 3 veiltail females. Venus - Red butterfly/marble - Veiltail - Tied with the second one on size *Unnamed - White dragon scale red butterfly/marble - Crowntail - Tied with Venus on size...
  8. Wendigoblue

    How to start an infusoria culture?

    I've tried around 3 - 5 times with different methods each time and I still can't start an infusoria culture/green water! Whats the way that worked for you?
  9. Wendigoblue

    10 Gallon Stocking!

    Hi, I have a 10 gallon that I plan to re-do soon! Looking for a look like this: 10g Aquatic Jungle Paradise - Planted Space I have lots of house plants and carnivorous plants I can add around the tank, plus I'm buying an air driven breeder box to setup sort of a aquaponic system for the plants...
  10. Wendigoblue

    Is This Fertilizer Safe?

    Hi, Is this fertilizer safe? I know most use the osmocote plus, but is this version okay too?
  11. Wendigoblue

    Germinating Water lily seeds

    Hi, I'm stuck on a substrate for my germination process... Do I use sand, dirt or gravel?? I have no way of getting organic miracle grow as they don't sell it in my area, what other soils are safe? Should I just germinate them in gravel that contains root tabs?? Thanks!
  12. Wendigoblue

    40 Gallon Breeder: Paludarium Ideas!

    Hi, So I'm doing a palladium with a 40 gallon breeder. And I need some stocking ideas! I currently have 1 peace lily, 1 croton plant and 3 bromeliads (2 different types). I'm pretty sure the peace lily and croton are poisonous, but I'm unsure about the bromeliads. I plan to do a foam/eco earth...
  13. Wendigoblue

    Water lily and Other Pond Plant Questions

    Where I live the temperature can get around 100oF... What hardy plant species can live in this type of weather to provide shade in the pond? I do want to lower the temperature of the water to a maximum of 80 - 85oF. Plants I was looking at: Taro - Elephant ear Water lilies Azolla Horsetail...
  14. Wendigoblue

    What Do You Think About Harvesting Blood Worms?

    Somehow blood worms made their way into my 40/30 gallon container pond. I found this weird as it's only about a month old or so and most ponds only get them after the second year, because they like mature ponds. I would love to harvest them, but would it be safe? Thanks!
  15. Wendigoblue

    Peacock Bass?

    I would really like to some day own a pair of peacock bass. My current thinking is building an in-ground pond for summer, then switching into a heated aquarium for the colder months. I know they're a carnivorous species, I plan on keeping a pair or two of convicts, guppies, feeder shrimp and...
  16. Wendigoblue

    Can I use Eco earth as a substrate

    Is Eco earth safe for aquarium use? I have plenty of it and need a substrate for my tank. Thanks!
  17. Wendigoblue

    How to ID Gender of BN Plecos

    How do I ID the gender of baby BN plecos? Im thinking about picking some up, but would like to know if I'm getting a male or female. The fry are only about 1" long, so are they too young? Thanks!
  18. Wendigoblue

    40 - 30 gallon Container Pond

    I setup a round container pond and am looking for some fish for it! I'm looking for some fish that are easily bred/would breed in the pond. Things about my setup: 100oF summer weather temperature 30 - 40 gallon round container Contains some plants and maybe a few branches Full sun/Shade -It...
  19. Wendigoblue

    Black Lava Rock Safe??

    Hi, I recently bought a black lava rock from petco and need to know if it's actually safe for use in an aquarium. I originally bought it for a terrarium, but had the idea of siliconing it to the side leaving it half in, half out of the water for a decoration. Link: I need to know if it's...
  20. Wendigoblue

    10 Gallon Tank Breeding Fish With The Maximum Sized Tank A 10 Gallon

    So, Ive been looking at all the different fish that can be bred in =/- 10 gallons. This is for a breeding project I would like to start. So far the fish I've found: ~ Pygmy Sunfish (1) 10 gallon - Adult tank (3 - 6) 1 gallon - Spawn tanks (fry will be removed very quickly) (1) 2.5 gallon -...

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