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  1. Guppyception

    Do guppy tanks need a lid?

    I am looking to buy a NICREW light bar for my tank and want to know if my guppies will be ok without a lid?
  2. Guppyception

    Guppy and Oxygenation

    If I have Guppies and fry at the top breathing fast could this be a lack of oxygenation, and will a powerhead/ circulation pump help/ fix this issue?
  3. Guppyception

    20 Gallon Tank Why is my amazon sword doing this

    Can anyone tell me why my amazon sword in the foreground is doing mediocre and why the ones in the back are doing so well? Parameters are normal and I dose flourish by seachem. None of the swords have root tabs. I would say that’s the issue but the others are flourishing. (No pun intended)
  4. Guppyception

    20 Gallon Tank My Twenty Gallon Guppy tank

    Always a work in progress, feedback appreciated!
  5. Guppyception

    20 Gallon Filters

    I have a 20 gallon high and had an aqeuon filter running in it rated for a 20 gallon and i had an extra one of that exact same filter rated for a 20 gallon so now i am running two filters both rated for a 20 gallon tank. would this be considered too much flow or filtration?
  6. Guppyception

    Question Betta And Guppies

    So I have an establised 20 gallon tank with seven guppies and some fry. I am getting a female betta and want to put her in that tank. I am curious as to wether or not this is a good idea since i have heard mixed reviews. Does anyone have an experience with doing this?
  7. Guppyception

    Flourish And Amazon Sword

    Would Flourish by Seachem be beneficial to some amazon sword leaves that are yellowing a tad. I also have java fern, hornwort and wisteria. Would it help these as well?
  8. Guppyception

    Question Preggo Guppy

    This is my pregnant female and she seems to have a mark on her that may indicate some nipping as well as what I see as potentially an injured piece of hanging skin. Is there anything I can do for this or am I overreacting and these markings are normal for a pregnant guppy?
  9. Guppyception

    Taking In An Adopted Betta On Emergency Basis

    I am receiving a betta fish on Friday from someone who cant care for her. I have a five and seven gallon tank at my disposal but will probably have a bowl sit until then to temporarily hold her. can someone help with what else i need i have filters and heaters but if there is any advice i can...
  10. Guppyception

    Can A Guppy Die From An Inability To Pass Fry?

    I just had a guppy die who happen to be female. Before I flushed her I examined her to see if there was injury or anything out of the ordinary. Upon a lite amount of pressure to her abdomen, a large amount of dead fry came out of her. I have read that guppies could self abort, but I am...
  11. Guppyception

    A Quick Guppy Question

    So on Monday three new guppies were added to my twenty gallon tank, bringing the total number of fish to seven (5 female 2 male). I have noticed that two of the seven have been somewhat distant from the others. They are staying towards the top right hand side of the tank, however nothing seems...
  12. Guppyception

    Hello, New Member Here!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am looking forward to learning from all of you! I have been keeping guppies for several months now, and currently have seven adults (5 females and 2 males) in a 20 gallon tank. I also have one common fantail and one common goldfish (2 total) in a...

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