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  1. maxima423

    Is This Room Humidity Going To Be A Huge Factor?

    So I have a bit of a problem, I have a leopard gecko enclosure that's in a room that has around 50% humidity and I am not able to keep him anywhere else, will this humidity level be okay? I know they need a high humidity for their humidity hide so I am just wondering if everything will be okay...
  2. maxima423

    Spurs vs Heat Prediction!

    Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs My Prediction is 4-1 Spurs Giving that the Heat had trouble with Roy Hibbert and David West in the Eastern Conference Finals, I dont see them beating thee greatest PF/C to ever play the game, Tim Duncan. The Spurs has a pure center with Splitter which IMO...
  3. maxima423

    help! what disease is this?

    image i have had this Jack Dempsey for at least 12hours now, the white thing in its eye appeared 2-3hours after i did a water change, i checked my readings and it was 0ammonia, 0 nitrite and 10 nitrates(i think). my water quality is perfect, the other tank mates are perfectly fine. i dont...
  4. maxima423

    75g Jack Dempset tank mates?

    just got a baby jack dempsey, beautiful little guy or gal(not quite sure), just wondering if its possible to add any other cichlids to the tank?
  5. maxima423


    anyone playing neopets lol? i know its an old game but i love it so does anyone play it?
  6. maxima423

    Yay! Traded 55 Gallon for 75 Gallon Aquarium

    went on craigslist and found a guy that was trading his 75g tank for a smaller tank + money, i contacted him and i traded my 55g + 30$ for his tank, its in great condition, i already had a large stand so it fit perfectly now i have a bigger tank to work on my African Cichlid or Tiger Oscar...
  7. maxima423

    which rocks are the best?

    Plans: 55g African Cichlid - Lake Malawi Rocks available at LFS: carved tufa rock carved lava rock pagoda rock tumbled phyolite rainbow rock purple slate rainbow slate Texas Holey Rock my question is which rocks are best used? i already am planning to get around 30 lbs of...
  8. maxima423

    whats killing the newly added fish?

    so a friend of mine has had trouble adding new fish to her 55g tank, her tank is very well established, about 5-6 years now, she has about 6-7 big pieces of driftwood and we have no clue whats killing her fish. her readings are perfect, we tested it with the liquid API test, she changes her...
  9. maxima423

    venturing into african cichlids for the first time!

    so my plan is to redo my whole 55g tank and do a Lake Malawi specific tank. now my plan so far are to stock with Yellow Labs, not sure how many i can add but i am guessing 5-6? my first question is: 1) the pH, is neutral pH okay? or do i need to raise it to around the high 7's. is there a...
  10. maxima423

    hey guys! been a while

    hey! its been a while lol. not sure if anyone is still here that remembers me. well wanted to give you guys an update, my 55g has been running now for a while and all the small fishes(cories/cherry barbs, etc...) all died, they were pretty old, about 2-3 years old. i would of added more...
  11. maxima423

    RIP Giyo

    Giyo my first ever Crown Tail betta passed away yesterday after i came home from work, i have had him for about two years, and he was the first betta i bought after i finished my nitrogen cycle =[ he wasnt looking good for the last week or two but i thought it was just something he was going...
  12. maxima423

    lets play the "caption" game

    so basically you upload a pic and ask what others would put as their caption, i think this will be a pretty fun game =] image mine would be "i got my eyes on youuuu cat!!!" lol
  13. maxima423

    i have faith in humanity once again

    so cool and very heroic
  14. maxima423

    Lets Go Giants

    #LEGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NY Giants got this!!!!
  15. maxima423

    hey guys! its been a while

    hey guys, its really been a while!! about four to five months i think, a lot has changed personally and i have BEEN really busy with work and school, well lets start with the fish tanks: 55g: - my AC70 just broke and i just ordered a new one, should arrive by next week, good thing my other...
  16. maxima423

    any good TV shows/dramas out there?

    so lets hear the ones you like and the ones you plan on watching =] How I Met Your Mother - uhhhh all i can say is HILARIOUS!!! if you loved Friends, than this is the show for you, IT IS probably the best 30min show right now --- 5/5 and highly recommended The Big Bang Theory - really...
  17. maxima423

    oscar in a outdoor pond?

    my neighbor is asking if her husband can put a couple of oscars in a outdoor pond during the spring/summer? the pond is going to be about 600-700gallons from what i am told. he has a couple questions: - how many oscars can go in a 600-700g pond? - what are the chances that they are going...
  18. maxima423

    i give up...

    i seriously have given up on helping people find out why this hobby appeals to me, all three of my friends that i have personally cycled and taken the time to teach on how to properly care for their fish are now gone to waste, after 7months - 9months, all three have quit, the worse part is, they...
  19. maxima423

    xenocara bristlenose pleco?

    i tried looking online for information on xenocara bristlenose, now they look like the a. bristlenose but much darker, also in the store, they are bigger than the bristlenose that they sell in the next tank, i was just confused because they had both A. bristlenose and X. bristlenose, so i was...
  20. maxima423

    green tree frogs questions

    a friend of mine that lurks this forum ( parents wont let her join ) wants to know about green tree frogs care, i have looked online and did the basic research, but she would like more detailed responses, so here goes: tank - it will be a 30g tall terrarium how many can she have - how many...

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