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    Sick Fish - Molly And Gourami

    Hi My molly and gouramI are usually very energetic but have been very sluggish and still recently. I've been using an automatic feeder this week as I've been away, I would assume it's been over feeding them and some sort of ammonia poisoning or water quality. I've done a large water change...
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    Planted tank - Progress update

    HI all Just thought I'd share with you a progress pic of my tank since my jungle val and Bacopa have been thriving and rapidly growing recently! Finally starting to be happy with how it looks as it always looked too bare beforehand for my liking! Put a filter on the pic as the lighting was...
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    Pregnant platy

    I have a 45G tank as pictured below. My platy has been quite heavily pregnant for over a month now and isn't giving birth - any idea as to why? My tanks fully cycled and I do minimum 50% WC weekly. There are plenty of hiding spots including floating plants. I can only assume she doesn't feel...
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    Beginners plant - Bacopa

    I have a 45G tank with standard kit lighting that came with it and I dose cheap ferts once a week. I just wanted to share with anyone after a natural look to their aquarium how Bacopa thrives in low light tanks. Below are before and after pictures with only a month in between. I've cut the...
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    Baby brine shrimp

    I got some invaluable information from bizaliz3 earlier about hatching BBS to feed my angelfish fry (if they get to that stage!) I was wondering if anyone else had experience in doing so? If so, did you have one or more hatcheries on the go? How did you do it? How many eggs did you hatch per...
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    Angel fish eggs

    Ok so anyone who's been following my previous threads will know the situation and luckily my angelfish are, as we speak, laying eggs on the slate I purchased ! Now, I don't have a sponge filter as it hasn't arrived yet. I will have to use a new fluval u3 and turn it right down, but obviously...
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    Daily water changes

    Simple question really. If you could, would you?
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    Too many peas ?

    Hi I'm currently dealing with some bloat/constipation so going to exclusively feed peas for a few days. I added a lot of shelled and cut up peas and some were left on the bottom for 5-10 minutes whilst they ate. Usually I'll feed enough food that can be eaten within a minute or two, but in this...
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    Bacopa lateral growth?

    So a month or so ago I got a couple of Bacopa plants for my tank. They've both grown to the top of my 50G and the height is great (pic 1). My question is will they spread to become a more 'full' wider plant? I've always thought not, but there seems to be lateral growth (pic 2&3) Thanks Mark
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    I want to pick up a slab of slate for my angelfish to lay eggs on. Can I just get any old piece from a hardware store? If so do I have to boil and treat it ?
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