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    Planted Fluval 6g Nano - Monalith

    Hi, just wanted to share my tank. It's a 6g Fluval Edge, so I'm trying to maximize space with my layout. Battling algae currently, but it's going away daily. The hardest challenge is BBA, but I'm spot treating, and it seems like it's getting better. Plants: Dwarf Hairgrass Dwarf Baby Tears...
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    Planted Nano - Monalith

    Hi, just wanted to share some pics of my plants. I wanted the tank to have a tiny sense of scale. I used a mix of many kinds of rocks to mimic nature. I hope you like it. Here's my setup : Fluval Edge 6g Eco Complete Substrate Super Naturals Sand Seiryu Stone Plants: Dwarf Hairgrass...
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    My Nano Tank Setup

    HI all, Wanted to introduce myself and share some pics of my low-tech nano tank setup. I started it a couple of months ago, but the Monte Carlo was added a few days ago, so it looks pretty rough. It's a Fluval Edge 6g, with an extra LED laid on top. Nothing special, just going for a natural...
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