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    What makes you swear at your fish?

    This morning I was doing a water change in my cardinal tank which recently had a bought of Dermosporidia. One of the previously-uninflected cardinals was hiding in a log and I saw something on his underside that kinda looked like the infection, so I was freaking out for like three minutes...
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    What's the coolest dream you've had?

    Fairly often I have dreams about fish. Surprise surprise. It usually goes something along the lines of I walk into my room to find a small tank (like ten gallons or something) with five fish in it along with my real life betta Samuel (except much bigger). The five fish are all huge (way too big...
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    Does smoke kill?

    I would figure as long as there wasn’t an insane amount of smoke (like enough to cloud the water) and you weren’t burning anything toxic or chemical your fish are probably fine.
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    10 Gallon Tank Neon tetra with pale tails

    Yes I did see the photo. What I was trying to say (I guess I didn’t get this across well) is that I don’t think their tetra has any sort of mouth fungus judging by the picture and the fact that the fish are still acting fine. I posted pictures of some of my healthy cardinals which have something...
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    Going back to school tomorrow...

    Lol covid finally forced my parents to let me homeschool, I’ve been begging them for years. Not because they’re worried I’d get sick, it’s mostly for religious reasons, but all the craziness at the schools finally pushed them over the edge. Never been happier with school, subject matter is so...
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    10 Gallon Tank Neon tetra with pale tails

    I’m not 100% sure on this, as I can’t see your fish personally, but I have two cardinals that have something that looks pretty similar to what your tetras have right now. They’ve had it for as long as I’ve had them (almost a year, if not more) so it’s not an illness, just something funky with...
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    10 Gallon Tank Neon tetra with pale tails

    Some batches of tetras just don’t have that great a color. I have cardinals that have all lived in the same tank and some of them have really nice dark red stripes where others were the lighter orange similar to what you have. The cardinals with less bright colorations in my experience tend to...
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    10 Gallon Help?

    I’m not sure but if that’s one of the little flat circle batteries in the thermometer you might try replacing that. Other than that I have no idea, I’m worse than terrible with mechanic techy things. As far as the betta goes, since he came to you in a cup he’s probably pretty used to not having...
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    10 Gallon Help?

    If you have a space heater you can set it up in a small room (the bathroom) and run it with the betta in the room. I’ve used a space heater before to keep my tank room (bedroom, I’m not that fancy ;) ) hot when my five gallon’s heater was taken out to recalibrate.
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    Hmm, what would you do in this situation?

    I would call FedEx right away to complain. We once had a package that was two weeks late, called to complain, and the package was at our doorstep in ten minutes. Sometimes they just need that extra little push :)
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