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    White Dots on Driftwood

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium that’s kept at 79F. I have 3 mystery snails, 3 Nerite snails, 3 harlequin rasbora and 1 false Juliis Cory in. (The fish were rescues and I have more in quarantine so that they will be in appropriately sized shoals!) I added the driftwood about two months ago...
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    Buying fish online?

    Hi! I’m looking at get Julii cories and my LFS doesn’t stock them. I’ve never ordered fish online but I think I’m going to. What are some reliable places? Are there any places I should avoid?
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    55 Gallon Planted Tank Tips

    I’m relatively new to planted tanks. Please give me all your tips and recommendations on what plants and how to keep them alive. Thank you!!
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    36 Bowfront Stocking

    Hi everyone! I’m thinking about getting a 36 gallon bowfront aquarium in the next couple months so I’m playing around with my options for stocking. I always cycle and quarantine so it would be months before I had this together but I wanted to play around with some ideas. - 1 Dwarf Gourami - 12...
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    New to Angelfish

    Hi! I'm going to be getting 5 angelfish in 6 months or so after I've gotten through cycling my tank and getting everything situated. I'd appreciate any information on how to best care for Angelfish. I've never had them before! Thanks!!
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    Sterbai Cories, first time!

    Hi! I've kept Julii cories before but I'm going to be keeping sterbai cories in a couple months after my tank is cycled and all. I would appreciate any tips for keeping them happy and healthy! Thanks!
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    Cory Medications

    Hi! I usually treat new fish with an anti fungal and an antibacterial in a quarantine tank. I’m going to be getting Sterbai cories and I was wonder if regular medications are okay for them. I’ve never kept cories before. Thank you!!
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    55 Gallon Stocking

    Hi! I was wondering if this stocking for a 55 gallon would be okay... - 2 Angelfish - 1 Pearl Gourami - 10 Harlequin Rasbora - 10 Redfin Tetra - 8 Julii Cory
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    Sorority Tank

    Hello! I plan on getting an Aqueon frameless 20 gallon tank. I'd like to add 5 JuliI Corydoras, 8 Neon Tetras and 6 Female Bettas. What are the general thoughts on this stocking? It would be heavily planted!
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    Stocking For A 10 Galon

    hi! My grandmother currently had a ten gallon aquarium with 5 Neon Tetras and a Mystery Snail. Could she add a betta and two African Dwarf Frogs without the tank getting overstocked? Also, what is the best filter to use? She currently has an aqueon quitflow 10
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