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    Red tail shark with angel fish

    Hey all, looking into a new set up once I get the tank going again. I have a 40 gallon tall tank and wondering if having a red tail shark with angelfish would be alright??
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    African Dwarf Frogs

    I once had three african dwarf frogs, they would always fight and one eventually died. The remaining two fight daily. Does anyone know if this is normal behavior? Thanks. Cam
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    Blue Lobster?

    I would like to look into buying a blue lobster, I have ghost shrimp, neons and guppies will they be at risk with the lobster in a 40 gal??
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    Golden chinese algae eaters?

    I recently bought some golden algae eaters, the "expert" at the fish store recomended them for algae, I eagerly agreed since he is the expert : . after reading posts on this site I have learned they are not as good as I thought... What is the best fish that will eat algae
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    rainbow shark?

    hI guys ,I'm new to this and recently bought a rainbow shark, I have read the information on this site, does anyone know what the ideal diet is. Thanks for the help
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    rainbow shark

    recently bought a rainbow shark, I have read the information about them on this site, I was just wondering what the ideal diet is, thanks a lot
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    How Many Bala Sharks In 40 Gallon Tank?

    just wanna know what the recomended number of bala sharks to keep in a 40 gallon tank
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