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    Lump on side??

    Hi my betta fish has had a lump on his side for a couple days now I stopped feeding him for a while but he still eats the tetra food as he is tank mates with 6 tetras. I’ve had him for a couple months now and the lump only recently formed what is it?? Pls help
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    Swim bladder cures?

    So I have a betta and I’m pretty sure he has swim bladder he often floats on his side I’ve tried fasting him then giving him cooked peas but it didn’t seem to help any suggestions? I’ve had him almost a year now
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    Betta swimming along glass

    HI so I’m fairly new at fish keeping I’ve done research online but I was wondering if you guys can help me? I have a 10 gal tank with a betta and 6 neons tetras it’s been running for about a month and a half and my betta seems to be swimming along the front glass of the tank often. The tetras...
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