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    Converting 55gal to a 100-120gal tank

    Hey yall, I'm looking into getting a bigger tank, probably 100-120 gal. What are the steps into transitioning my 55gal stock and plants to a new tank? My 55gal is fully stocked community tank thats heavily planted. It has an eheim 2215 canister and a top filter(I don't remember the name). Ill...
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    Fish are dying

    Lost 5 corydora in 1 week, only addition was 4 julli last week... thats when it all went downhill.. heavily planted 54gal community tank. Twice a week 25-30% water changes. Low stocked.. did ammonia and was 0.25ppm but I've got alot of dying stock.. whats going on? I'm doing a 50% w/c right now.
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    Ammonia levels high

    I had this issue last week so I did a 50% wc once a week(first time) .. i usually do 25% wc twice a week to help level things back out but I just tested the water and the ammonia is back up to 0.5ppm.. all other parameters are normal. I feed once a day but haven't in a day since they were...
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    Ammonia issue in established tank

    first off, I do biweekly 25% wc but this morning and last week I had an ammonia reading of .25ppm.. its. 54 gal community tank with variety of life such as fish, snails live plants. Are my bacteria having issues so its not removing the ammonia? Nitrites and nitrates are 0. Help please
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    20gal stocking idea

    hey yall!! I've got a cycled 20gal semi planted tank with 7 pygmy corydora and 10 green neon tetras, oh and some red cherry shrimp.. im looking for some other tanks mates.. sticking with nano tank community theme and lots of color Thanks!
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    New fish addition made my tank mad

    hey guys, I added 4 peacock gugdeons to my established 54gal on Tuesday and when I tested the water last night the nitrate was 5.0ppm so I did a 30% wc.. this am the nitrate is still elevated and my ammonia levels spiked.. im doing another wc today.. am I doing something wrong or is my tank just...
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    Consistant nitrite and ammonia readings

    hey yell, New to the freshwater fishing hobby and I've got some trouble with my 54gal reading low nitrite and ammonia levels for the past week. They've always stayed below 0.25ppm but even with a 20-25% water change each day that it does read those levels I just can't get it to 0.. I added more...
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