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    Sick Fish - Molly And Gourami

    Trace of ammonia, zero nitrite and 30 nitrates. The ammonia trace is what led me to believe it was over feeding. I have nitrates in my source water, so 30 is usual. I've added a dose of tetra nitrate minus to lower it a little as I always do if any signs of illness - it's a harmless addition...
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    Sick Fish - Molly And Gourami

    Hi My molly and gouramI are usually very energetic but have been very sluggish and still recently. I've been using an automatic feeder this week as I've been away, I would assume it's been over feeding them and some sort of ammonia poisoning or water quality. I've done a large water change...
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    How To Avoid Old Tank Syndrome

    50% weekly in all my tanks. Just ensure to monitor the temperature to ensure it's consistent
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    Help with planting in small tank.

    Paper on a strong light... Be careful make sure that's safe !
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    Absolute noob here. Couple questions

    All the hard work has paid off tank looks amazing !
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    Angel fish eggs

    That's right. I started, and to be honest struggled with hatching BBS. I never tried frozen as thought the idea was that they liked live food. I'll actually have to look into this now that they're a little bigger as imagine they'd take to it better. bizaliz3 I still have all 8 angels alive but...
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    Tetra SafeStart

    Don't ask me the science behind this, but the issue arises from the ammonia not being readily available for the TSS, which essentially starves and kills it. It's highly likely if you added both, you'll need to add more
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    Angel fish eggs

    Little tip for anyone using or who will use microworms, keep them in a dark room. No idea why, but they scale the sides significantly more and are much easier to harvest
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    Return to the tank!!!!

    I had assumed that as the OP was quoting litres they were from the UK and no the US. Could well be wrong
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