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  1. tokiodreamy

    Goldfish With Strange Lumps On Lip?

    Good luck and keep us updated!
  2. tokiodreamy

    Goldfish With Strange Lumps On Lip?

    I'm definitely no expert in fish disease and have unfortunately some good experience with a limited amount of diseases mostly occurring to me in the past few years. I had these lumps only one and it randomly happened on 2-3 of the neons. My only suspect was possibly from a higher level of...
  3. tokiodreamy

    Alternative Way To Catch Fish Babies

    I had success with floating plants. I also have a "glass shrimp catcher" that I ordered online from the UK. It looks kind of like a little glass oldschool Tabasco pipe. I would corral the babies using it. Worked like a charm. I also have used plastic clear cups or the cups they keep...
  4. tokiodreamy

    Goldfish With Strange Lumps On Lip?

    Can you compare to older photos of your fish and see if you notice them? I'd monitor and see if they grow. I've only had one experience with cyst lumps that grew over time on the lips of my neon tetras. All I can say is that the experience didn't end well and I never got a cure/full diagnosis...
  5. tokiodreamy

    Homes Found For The Fish! Thanks!

    Hey there! I actually live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago about 45m-1hr out. The bristlenose in my 75 gallon tank just passed and I would be interested in taking your neighbors. I may also be interested in the angelfish. How large is he? Do you know his temperament? Pictures would be...
  6. tokiodreamy

    Urgent: Pleco Not Eating For Over A Month!

    Final Update: I did a 50% pwc on two days ago and he was rather active and actually out and about. I checked on him yesterday and saw him on the substrate and thought I saw a little white patch on his head. I couldn't really tell, so I figured I'd check the next day. So tonight I went to check...
  7. tokiodreamy

    10 Gallon Tank Half Of Cardinals In Qt Dead

    They have all died -_- It seems I was too late on the meds.
  8. tokiodreamy

    Picky Bristlenose Pleco Food Ideas And A Few Other Questions

    I started with blanching my veggies but stopped. My pleco didnt care lol. Did you try their website for the pleco feeder?
  9. tokiodreamy

    Urgent: Pleco Not Eating For Over A Month!

    I'll try anything at this point. I've had him for 2 years and he's always eaten. This was the last photo I was able to get of him on the tank wall. I believe this was about a week ago. Def not thin. There's nothing in the tank but him.
  10. tokiodreamy

    Urgent: Pleco Not Eating For Over A Month!

    Yes. I've tried both cucumbers and brussel sprouts. He use to eat an entire cucumber chunk in less than 8 hrs. Now they're just sitting there and I pull them out when they begin to rot and break down. Not a single munch on them. I've left them for up to 48hrs
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