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  1. baileya

    My betta fish has developed a red patch, is this dangerous?

    My betta fish is blue and black. Five months ago he had velvet but he has recovered since then. Not long after that I noticed that he developed a red patch on his stomach and bottom fins but only on his left side. Currently he has popeye but he already had the red color before he got it. Is this...
  2. baileya

    I think my fish has popeye, how do I fix it on a VERY tight budget?

    So, I noticed my fish has a white ring around his eye, which some research showed to be popeye, or at least that’s what it seems to be. His tank recently broke so he’s in a bowl until we (my mom and I) can afford to get something to fix his tank with. It’s definitely a less than ideal...
  3. baileya


    I am new to fish keeping, and I came here to learn more about it! I have a male betta fish which I have had for about a year now named North. I am glad to be here and look forward to learning more about keeping him healthy! :)
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