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  1. sandrafizzle

    Medication suggestions for my betta w swollen abdomen and no appetite

    Hey friends! I feel like my betta, Ocean, is not getting better. I’ve had him since October 2018 and he started getting sick with what I thought was swim bladder about 2 months ago. His abdomen is very swollen and he has not eaten in about 2 months. I have tried water changes, epsom salt baths...
  2. sandrafizzle

    Swim bladder in betta

    HI friends. I’m almost out of hope for my betta and his health. He’s been suffering from swim bladder for a few weeks now and hasn’t eaten in almost 2. He is not eating peas and has a difficult time swimming up for air and stays resting on a plant right below the surface of the water. He is...
  3. sandrafizzle

    Swim bladder or dropsy?

    HI friends! Check outy betta, Ocean. I want to say it’s swim bladder. What’s the most effective way to treat this? He’s had this for a few days now.
  4. sandrafizzle

    Fin Problem

    About 3 months ago, my husband impulsively bought 2 ghost shrimp to put in my tank with my betta. They were horrible! I caught them tearing on Ocean’s fins, riding on his back, and they even chased him around the tank if he was close to the bottom. One disappeared, probably eaten, and the bigger...
  5. sandrafizzle

    Ghost Shrimp Picking At Betta Fins

    my poor baby Ocean has two new tank mates, which happen to be ghost shrimp. my betta seems to be pretty cool about the addition and has not chased the shrimp nor tried to eat/attack them! however, those 2 little demons have been caught riding on Oceans back and trying to pick at his fins while...
  6. sandrafizzle

    Black Spots On Tank Glass W Pic

    What the heeeccckkk is this on my tank's glass? I'm not sure if it's some type of algae or something else, but I've tried to wipe it off and it doesn't seem come off much. I hope it's not something harmful to my fish and shrimp. If anyone has any clue, let me know. I'm moving out of state soon...
  7. sandrafizzle

    Hippy Laying Sideways At Bottom Of Tank

    Ok so I just noticed one of my 5 guppies weren’t swimming around. Then I peep him on the gravel breathing and struggling to swim. Poor lil dude Wtffff is going on? - nitrates 40 nitrites 0 pH 7.5 KH 80 GH 240, fed once a day for 6 days, one ghost shrimp, 10 gallon half moon tank, water change...
  8. sandrafizzle

    Still Learning...

    Hello all! New to this fish mom experience.
  9. sandrafizzle

    Diatoms And High Nitrates & Nitrites In Month Old Tank

    Sooooo I have a 10 gallon half moon glass tank set up with 5 male guppies and 2 ghost shrimp. Earlier last week, I noticed a brown film on the flat back side of my tank and did some research and came to the conclusion that it was diatoms. I wiped them off with a new sponge, making sure to wipe...
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