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    Feeding Mystery snails

    I am wanting to ask if anyone here has ever fed Terre Pleco Wafers to Mystery snails or is there any other foods that are real good for Snails? Judy Mayes
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    Differences in tempement between types

    Trying to find out the difference between the different types of crayfish the why the orange the blue and this new type I've never heard of called a go I have some of I just recently got a white one and orange ones and a ghost cross, are any of them more compatible to live with each other than...
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    Help White Spots On My Mosquito Fish

    I got a mosquito at my local aquarium shop she has since developed whit specks over her body ,I have treated her and there not going away any idea of what this is or could be she doesn't appear to be scratching
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    Is There Anyway To Move Live Plants For A Tank Where A Fish Died

    is there anyway to move live plants from a tank where a couple fish had died that were bought and move the plants to another tank and not carry any disease on the plant to the new tank? Judy
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    Suggestions Nfor Tankmates For Psudeotropeus Socolofi

    I have 3 solofolI in a 40 gallon tank and I rarely see them and the upper part of the top of the tank is bare, I would like some suggestions on some cichlids that would go good with them but not cross breed . Judy
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    Breeding Plecos With Mollies In The Tan

    I would like opinions on Pleco breeding successfully with mollies in the tank would it be a good idea or not ? Judy
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    Is It A Bad Idea To Take Live Plants From One Tank And Put Bin Another

    would it be a bad idea to take live plants from one take and put into another tank ,I am wondring if there could be disease spread for doing this ? judy
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    Cherry Shrimp Food Questions!!

    Hello ! pretty new to Cherry Shrimp ,what are the necessary foods and minerals they require and need on a daily basis to be happy and healthy ?
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    Neolamprologus Buescheri Gombe

    I would like to see if I can get some more information on keeping Neolamprologus buescherI (Gombe) ,what would be good tank mates or should they be in a single species tank and tank mate suggestions would be appreciated and their habitat and what size tank would be best to suit five of them Judy
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    Need help selecting cichlids to live together

    I am wanting to know if any of the Tanganyika Cichlids can live with other types similar to themselves or other type of cichlids like africans I am wanting to know if any of the any help would be appreciated judy
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