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  1. Alltema00

    Looking for someone who can identify my fish

    Thanks you guys and gals are awesome!
  2. Alltema00

    Looking for someone who can identify my fish

    the owner of my LFS gave me three of these fish because he was renovating his store. I don't know what they are. They are definitely community fish. They respect everyone in the tank and spend most of their time resting on the bottom among the plants or laying on a leaf, sort of like a person...
  3. Alltema00

    Problem Feeding Bottom Feeders

    Thank you for your advice and support. I'm glad this site is here so that people with questions can get trustworthy information from people who have, from their own experiences, encountered these very same problems. It's such a relief to have your replies helping me fix this feeding
  4. Alltema00

    Problem Feeding Bottom Feeders

    My five bottom swimming rummy nose tetras aren't getting enough food...I'm looking for answers on how to feed them. When I feed my fish with the flake food I have, the tiger barbs quickly devour nearly every morsel of food before it reaches the tetras. I tried putting in some algae wafers...
  5. Alltema00

    Can You Have More Than 1 Blue Ram In A 20g Long Tank?

    The female blue ram, still a child, looks terribly bored. I don't know the nature of blue rams and so I cannot predict how they respond to others. The 20 gallon long is relatively small and there is some concern that they will interact poorly with others of their own kind. I'm just wondering how...
  6. Alltema00

    3 Spot Gouramis

    Based on my experience with 1 fully grown Gourami, 36 gallons is enough for 2 Gourami. I wouldn't get 2 males as they will end up becoming rivals and dividing the tank in half. GouramI are obsessive about protecting their territory, and the problem I ran in to was that instead of swimming around...
  7. Alltema00

    Can You Tell Me The Name Of A Fish I Bought Recently? (pictures)

    Thank you Ram lovers for access to your thoughts and care guides and thank you for confirming it was female. It's easy to see why you all like Rams so much. They have an appetite that rivals Homer Simpson, giving them the nutrients they require for their phenomenal growth rate. They don't become...
  8. Alltema00

    Identify What Killed My Gourami (pic)

    OK I will try metronidazole for 3 weeks.
  9. Alltema00

    Can You Tell Me The Name Of A Fish I Bought Recently? (pictures)

    Does it look German...he only speaks fish.
  10. Alltema00

    Driftwood Growing Fuzz

    I got scared bc it got stuck in the bristles of a little cory catfish and I thought it had a bacterial infection. Now I know it was just sucking on the wood.
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