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  1. froggiegal

    Veggie Treats for Fish

    Hi, I tried searching the archives but could not find out whether you need to cut back feeding your fish if you are putting in zucchinis or cukes? Are the fresh veggies a "treat" or is it considered part of their dietary intake?
  2. froggiegal

    Breeding Tanks

    Is a 20G tank a good size as a breeding / holding tank for cichlid frys?
  3. froggiegal

    Sea Glass

    I bought sea glass for my Betta's tank, washed it, rinsed it and it looks like it is dirty in the tank. It's not shiny. What's the best way to get the glass to sparkle? Do I need to boil it? The internet says use soap and hot water but don't want to contaminate the glass. Thanks.
  4. froggiegal

    Keep Your Fingers Crossed - New Tankmates!

    I just adopted 6 new cichlids! I am so excited. I got an additional Borelyi, 1 Electra and 4 yellow labs - 1 m / 3 f. I was so shocked to see how much the other cichlids have grown in the two weeks they've been in the tank. I'm seeing the blue scolofI being a little territorial along with...
  5. froggiegal

    Cichlid Behavior

    Can someone tell me why a cichlid will rub his body over rocks and turns on his side to do it? He's in the cynatalapia (sp) afra family... He's been good for a week. We're noticing that he is now being aggressive especially to an albino socolofi. The other cichlids in the tank are a blue...
  6. froggiegal

    How do you dissolve aquarium salt?

    I don't want to cause any burns, how do I dissolve aquarium salt in water changes?
  7. froggiegal

    Wiggles has 3 tankmates! I have a question.

    HI Everyone: Wiggles has 3 new tank mates - they are 3 Corydoras Arcuatus. Cute little buggers. They are about 1 1/2 inches long. We've named them Moe, Larry & Curly. Wiggles' fins look healthier after treating her with triple sulfa. She still has a couple of tiny tears on the tips of...
  8. froggiegal

    "Cycle" for your tank...

    If a person wants to cycle their tank quicker and is unable to find bio spira or Tetra Safe Start, how good is "Cycle"? LFS said it was better than the ones I just mentioned and safer. That I could drink it without any effects, it's that safe. So, do anyone of you use it? LFS said you...
  9. froggiegal

    How much food do I give to my betta?

    Do I feed Wiggles twice a day? How much one or two pellets / worms? We've been feeding him every other day one / two pellets in the a.m. and the same in the p.m. Do you think he's underfed? He gets soooo excited when he sees us. Thanks.
  10. froggiegal

    Backgrounds - Dummy ME

    I just found out BY ACCIDENT that you need to wet the back of fish tank backgrounds in order for them to "pop" in your tank! I bought a pretty background and couldn't figure why it wasn't showing through the tank. My husband just looked at the tank and mentioned how realistic a section of it...
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