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  1. DPmom26

    Ich that won't go away!!!

    I have been fighting an outbreak of ich for at least 3 weeks now, and I'm not having any luck at all. Last night I looked at my fish to check on them and I found my poor baby oscar floating. :'( I've been changing water, increased the heat and treated them with medication, if I can remember...
  2. DPmom26

    Prego guppy qeustion

    Got a question for anyone who may know. Is it possible that a female guppy would have either been too old or had complications during birth that it would ultimately end her sweet little fishie life? We had Big momma looking like she was about to bust and I noticed this morning she was hovering...
  3. DPmom26

    New Oscar baby

    Ok it's been quite a while since I was on and posted. Seeing as I went through a nasty divorce and moved to Texas and have now remarried to the most wonderful man ever, but anyways on to the oscar. So I got a new Tiger Oscar yesterday, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good name for...
  4. DPmom26

    55 Gallon Tank What to stock my tank with??

    Ok so I got a 55 gal tank for Christmas from my hubby, and I'm trying to figure out what to stock it with. Right now I have a male dwarf gouramI and a pleco in there and 2 dojo loaches. I want it to be relatively active any suggestions?
  5. DPmom26

    Tank mates for Jake the Jack Dempsey?

    Ok as some of you might know I have a male Jack Dempsey, he is in a 55gal with one blue 3 spot gourami, 2 blood parrots, a pleco, and a pictus catfish. I just recently gave my 6 glow light tetras and the last 2 glo fish to my sister seeing as how I think Jake found them to be a great snack. He...
  6. DPmom26

    Funny Crazy Blood Parrots

    Ok these two are crazy as they can be, they are constantly finding a way to make me laugh. Yes and somehow I can tell them appart...the one is the stump is Damien and the other is Hank
  7. DPmom26

    My Dwarf Puffer tank

    Ok so I have good news my DP tank is almost completely cycled just waiting for the ammonia and nitrites to finish going down and we will be ready Gonna call the LFS tomorrow and check to see if my little guys are in so as soon as I get them in and get them settled let the pic frenzy begindrool...
  8. DPmom26

    Jake Jack Dempsey Pics

    So YAY I got my new camera today and just had to get you guys a better pic of Jake
  9. DPmom26

    55 Gallon Tank Cories or no??

    I have a 55 gal tank as of this moment I have the following in the tank 6 glow light tetras 2 blood parrots 1 jack dempsy 1 blue 3 spot gouramI 1 pictus cat 1 pleco Would I be able to put a few cories in there or would I be pushing it to over stock my tank?
  10. DPmom26

    Plants during cycling???

    I have just a small quick question, is it ok to put my live plants in during cycling my new 10 gal. dwarf puffer tank? This is my first time with live plants so I'm not real sure if it would hurt them or not. My Plants: Java Fern Java Moss (not arrived yet) Anacharis Today was my...
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