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  1. carlos413

    cooling aquarium under $8

    Its getting warmer as summer nears. Yesterday my tank was at 82 degrees, I normally keep it at 78 degrees. I went out and got a small clip on fan for under $8. I have it faceing my t5's fanning the heat from the fixture away from the tank. I have managed to keep my temp at steady 76 degrees. I...
  2. carlos413

    Sad day

    Just venting... I ve had my tank for 3 years I had a pair of clowns and a green bouble tip anemone in that tank for two year. Two days ago I woke up to my clowns finally in the anemone after two years of being in the same tank. Two days latter I wake up to my anemone in side one of my...
  3. carlos413

    ten month old reef tank.

    Check out my saltwater photo album. Updated pics on my ten month old reef tank. Be sure to comment. Enjoy!
  4. carlos413

    Reef lighting

    I have a 55 gallon reef been up and running for eight months now. I am currently using pc lighting and looking to upgrade. I am looking for a for a HO T5 unit with four bulbs. I like to stay away from those fixtures with built in timers as I am told the timers go bad and the whole unit is...
  5. carlos413

    blue sponge

    Just wanted to post a pic of my blue sponge enjoy.
  6. carlos413

    I can’t seem to get rid of cyan bacteria ahhhahahahahhhh

    I am using R.O. water, no phosphates or nitrates. It’s only on the sand bed but it looks awful. I am feeding once a day. The lights are on a timer for 10 hours each day. I have a HOB refugeum 4 gallon with some micro algae. The lights on the fuge are on opposite of DT. My ph is at 8.2 temp 78...
  7. carlos413


    I am looking for a site that sells copepods to seed my refugeum.
  8. carlos413

    Pulsing Xenia How to control their spread

    I got a small frag todayI am placeing it on the top. How can I keep em under control. In my friends tank they Are everyware. I like this coral and I like to keep it. I don't mind new grouth I just don't want it to become a pest. How do you guys deal with this?
  9. carlos413

    Sun coral or dendros?

    I am looking to buy a regular sun coral frag or a Dendrophyllia. I was told they look alike but not the same coral. Anyway can I get some feed back on them? Pros cons whatever. Iam kinda leaning twards the dendros. Thank you.
  10. carlos413

    Help id this hitchiker good or bad???

    not sure what tthis is, its growing on one of my rocks. Looks like bubble algae but red. is this a good algae?
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