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  1. froggiegal

    vote for our teighan!!

    HI Shawnie! She's a cutie! I just placed my vote - hope she wins. Let us know.
  2. froggiegal

    Veggie Treats for Fish

    I'm putting the zucchinI in my cichlid tank that has my 11 y/o pleco and 2 smaller plecos. I caught my big boy sucking the dickens off a small round yellow squash. Someone posted to cut the zucchinI in a long strip that it would prevent the ring from the squash hurting the fish. (I peeled the...
  3. froggiegal

    Veggie Treats for Fish

    Hi, I tried searching the archives but could not find out whether you need to cut back feeding your fish if you are putting in zucchinis or cukes? Are the fresh veggies a "treat" or is it considered part of their dietary intake?
  4. froggiegal

    Sea Glass

    The glass rocks were costly. I've been trying to read up on uploading pictures. So let me see if I can get Wiggles to show up!
  5. froggiegal

    Sea Glass

    Wiggles is partially in the picture. I made an albumn up with a few of the fish I have. Not sure if you'd be able to find it. Tomorrow will be Wiggles' last antibiotic dosage. I'm hoping the fins smooth out.
  6. froggiegal

    Sea Glass

    Well, I didn't do too well!
  7. froggiegal

    Sea Glass

    Hi, I'm not too familiar with uploading pictures. Hopefully, I will be successful in uploading a picture of the glass marbles I put in Wiggles' tank.
  8. Wiggles


  9. Mickey Mouse Platy - appears to be pregnant?

    Mickey Mouse Platy - appears to be pregnant?

  10. Kermit - Dwarf African Frog

    Kermit - Dwarf African Frog

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