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  1. SinisterCichlids

    New Peacock Tank

    Hello all, I am setting up a new 75 gallon male peacock tank. I wanted to get all young males so I can grow them out. I haven't bought any new hardscape yet but I am going to go with dragon stone or seiryu stone in the next week or so. In the meantime, I threw some old decor for them to...
  2. SinisterCichlids

    Juiced / hormoned fish

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has bought or seen juiced African cichlids, specifically peacocks. How long do juiced fish hold their color? Were the juiced fish bought/seen either online, in a LFS, or big box store? Any other telltale signs of juiced fish? How common is this? I ask...
  3. SinisterCichlids

    Marineland biowheel filter

    Hello, Does anyone know if the biowheels from the older marineland filters fit onto the new marineland pros? Does anyone have the new pro filter? Seems like a really nice upgrade and would appreciate the quieter noise. They made the filter really customizable. Very impressed.
  4. SinisterCichlids

    It finally happened ... I got ich

    Hello all, Obviously ich is the most common disease to infect our aquariums. I have been the one lucky soul who never had to deal with it ... until today. Usually, because I ALWAYS QT, but this time I said "eh who cares, there is only pictus catfish in the tank" BIG MISTAKE I want to treat...
  5. SinisterCichlids

    What do you feed your cichlids?

    Hello, I am interested in what food you feed your cichlids? Please state what type of cichlid such as mbuna or peacock and let me know. I want to hear your stories and opinions on why you feed what you do. Also, I want to know what food you offer your fish besides the standard pellet/flake. I...
  6. SinisterCichlids

    Air bubbles from the HOB filter

    Hey everyone, So from being stuck at home and staring at my fish tanks. I have decided that my water is not clear enough for my liking. My problem is those small little air bubbles that float around the tank and are created by the HOB filter. The water line is right on or right below the lip...
  7. SinisterCichlids

    Can someone ID this Mbuna

    Hello, can someone help ID this mbuna for me? Specifically, the Latin name would be preferred, but anything will help. I just picked him up from the store and can't seem to remember what he is! I think it is a metriaclima aurora? A201 I know you got this one!!
  8. SinisterCichlids

    Swim Bladder from physical trauma?

    Hello all, I had something very weird happen today and I need some help. So today I introduced a few fish from my grow out tank into my main tank. Mbuna cichlids so, of course, there is going to be some hierarchy displays from the get-go. Nothing unusual but I noticed my OB Marmalade mbuna...
  9. SinisterCichlids

    Selling Mbuna

    Hello, I am looking to sell some stock off out of my mbuna show tank. I do not have pictures of all of my fish, but if you are interested in any, I can definitely get you some pictures and videos. I would prefer to meet up locally in the New York/New Jersey region, but shipping is on the table...
  10. SinisterCichlids

    Mbuna and catfish

    I tried getting some pictures of my some of my mbuna today. Please let me know what you guys think, getting a picture of the pictus catfish was no easy task!
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