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    Need help with my gourami!

    So a couple weeks ago one of my gouramis became severely bloated and was starting to pinecone. I tried to feed him peas, I tried Epsom salt baths for a few days, I did a course of prazipro and then a big water change to do a treatment of eSHa 2000. His bloat has gradually gone down but he is...
  2. J

    Dwarf Puffer Terrorising Tank

    HI all, I have 4 dwarf puffers, I think 3 male 1 female.. not a good ratio I know but I read that a maturing male will release hormones to force the other to become female but that didn’t work. One of the males is big and round and the female a little smaller but the other males are around half...
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    Dwarf Puffer Rescue!

    HI everybody, Today I rescued a small dwarf puffer from my LFS, the tank was around 10 litres with 2 dead plants and 1 other dead puffer sucked against the filter and no lights, no snail even though there were loads in the plants below the poor thing... I had to take it and rehome it with 4...
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    White Ball Inside Ornament

    HI all, I’m new to this forum and and have found huge amount of help so far while starting up my first tank. I have a 30L Biorb flow that has been cycling for around 2-3 weeks, about a week ago I added some live plants and I have spotted at least 5 tadpole snails that have found their way...
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