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  1. lonehunter

    Cichlid label?

    Does anyone know what species or hybrid these cichlids are some kinda look like firemouths don’t they
  2. lonehunter

    Cichlid ID?

    What species or hybrids would you say these are some kinda look like fire mouths don’t they
  3. lonehunter

    Fish tanks easy to make?

    Real talk is a fish tank really just glass and silicone and maybe a rim do you even need any equipment to make one would it be way cheaper just making one with custom glass cuts and silicone
  4. lonehunter

    75 gallon filtration

    Hey guys do you think 2 aquaclear 70s is good enough for a 75 gallon I’ll be putting and Oscar and convict cichlids
  5. lonehunter

    Parrot And Convict Breeding Advice

    just wanted to share this rare occurrence between a convict Cichlid and a parrot Cichlid breeding I hope most of them survive but does anybody have any tips on keeping them alive and growing fast this is my first time ever having fry and did I mention this was rare
  6. lonehunter

    My Gold Gourami Is Having Issues Swimmg

    To he’s been having trouble swimming around for a couple of days and and to me it looks like swim bladder but how their supposed to gulp air. Any help is appreciated.
  7. lonehunter

    Crayfish Fry Update

    almost two months old and have crazy appetite as always hope I can sell some of them one day
  8. lonehunter

    This Is Bad Dropsy Is Rising

    One of my recently passed from dropsy and now another one my goldfish has it
  9. lonehunter

    Any One Knows How To Sell Them

    I have a lot of baby crayfish I’m wondering how to sell them any tips
  10. lonehunter

    Dropsy And Clear Stringy Poop

    this has happened ever since he lost one his eyes I have him in his Espoo salt bath but hasn’t gotten much better are their medications you guys recommend
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